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Massive Earthquake that Strikes Turkey and Syria Leaves Millions Affected 

By: Oakley Haney 

On February 6th of 2023, a massive earthquake that read 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and Syria. The death toll is believed to reach over 50,000 victims. With people still being discovered under rubble, the number is continuing to rise. This recent tragedy has affected millions and millions more have taken action and are reaching out to help. According to, this was “among the most devastating [earthquake] of this century”. 

The earthquake struck west and central Turkey, as well as northern parts of Syria. This region sits on the East Anatolian fault which is the crossing point between the Arabian and Anatolian tectonic plates. “An earthquake is caused by a sudden slip on a fault”, in this case the Arabian an Anatolian. Faults are also “cracks in the Earth’s crust”, which essentially make up the crust of the Earth. states that “for most people in Turkey, that quake probably resulted in one to two minutes of shaking”. There were multiple aftershocks that were similar in magnitude following the main earthquake as well. Aftershocks in earthquakes can be just as, if not more damaging than the initial earthquake in some cases 

What happens next? Well, as the world recognizes the severity of this event, many are coming to help. If you’d like to help, visit (or one of the links in the sources) to see how you can help. From donations to simply spreading awareness, helping the people of Turkey and Syria in any way would be appreciated by them. “Funding is urgently needed to help people affected by the earthquakes survive this crisis and begin their recovery”, says Many countries are already donating resources, people, medical staff, etc., to help. With enough help, everyone affected by this tragic disaster can begin to live normal lives again. 


Russia plans on launching a major offensive within the next few weeks. 

By Jose Pacheco-Cabrera 

As the war rages on and grows, so does the Kremlins desperation. This past September Putin said that Russia was to mobilize an additional 300k troops on top of the already mobilized 100-200k troops already fighting in Ukraine. These numbers have not been confirmed and multiple sources say that the numbers are much higher.  


It is also clear something big is going to happen due to the latest attacks from the Russians, in just 2 days Russia lost 25 tanks and 1900 men. These numbers are extremely high and are clear signs that they are really getting desperate. The loss of tanks and vehicles has not only been by destruction, a lot of the vehicles and tanks that Russians have left behind are being used against their previous owners.  


  Ukrainian forces have long been capturing Russian weapons and tanks to be used against their original owners in the ongoing war. Back in October, the British defense ministry said that a “large proportion” of Kyiv’s military was now made up of captured Russian equipment. Ukraine was believed to have captured 440 main battle tanks, plus an additional 650 armored vehicles since February 2022. “over half of Ukraine’s currently fielded tank fleet potentially consists of captured vehicles,” the ministry added. 




Ukrainian armed forces have used the country’s stocks of soviet-era main battle tanks, and has received deliveries of T-72s from several countries sympathetic to the Ukrainian cause. Ukraine’s forces had around 900 T-64s, T-72s and T-80s at the beginning of the war, according to the Times in London. Russia has lost around 1600 tanks since February 2022, according to Dutch open intelligence monitoring site, Oryx. The news of the latest Russian losses comes as several Ukrainian officials warn that Russian forces are preparing to launch a renewed offensive in Ukraine before mid-February. 


Luhansk regional governor, Serhiy haidai, said on Monday that a fresh push from the Kremlins forces “can begin any time after February 15, “ He later reported increased attacks in the Eastern Donbas region, adding “this is not a full-scale offensive, but a preparation for it,” 





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Battle in Culiacan  


The Sinaloa cartel is one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in the world, operating mainly in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. The cartel is involved in the production, transportation, and distribution of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin, and has been responsible for a significant amount of violence and corruption in Mexico. For many years the cartel has had extensive power and influence over the government of Mexico. The cartel has infiltrated the highest levels of Mexican politics, law enforcement, and the military, allowing it to operate with impunity. The organization has been accused of paying off politicians, judges, and police officers to turn a blind eye to its activities and has also been linked to the murders of journalists who have reported on its operations. Additionally, the cartel has been known to intimidate and bribe officials who attempt to crack down on its activities, making it extremely difficult for the government to dismantle the organization. On the 5th of January Sinaloa cartel former leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s son Ovidiu Guzman Lopez was captured. It was not the first attempt. On October 17, 2019, he was captured but released after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador decided to release him because it would prevent further loss of life. Guzman was to be extradited to the US who have offered $5 million for his capture. Him and 21 other individuals were detained. The news came out and chaos broke out in the city, citizens told to shelter in their homes while they where put up against cartel members. Videos of trucks on fire and gun fire were posted on social media. The government sent troops to stand up to them. Culiacan international airport was closed after two planes were attacked by bullets. 10 soldiers, 1 police officer and 19 members of the cartel were killed during the unrest. Mexican forces launched a series of raids to attack cartel members. After 24 hours the violence began to stop after Ovidio’s transfer to El Altiplano, a federal prison in Toluca. On January 13 order was reestablished in the city. The government showing that they will not back down to Cartel is a hopeful sign for a peaceful Mexico 



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