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The Black and Blue... and Grey Bowl 


By: Jacob Gardner 

It was a cold Friday afternoon, the fog had settled on the trees, setting a dim mood as I drove to Granite Falls. “It was dark, eerie, and exciting,” said Junior Tristan Lopez, “the weather had certainly set the perfect mood for the game.” As everyone huddled into the stands, wrapped in blankets, jackets, wearing blue masks, and cheering for the one and only, Sultan Turks. “The energy in the crowd was electric.” said Junior Wendy Asper 

What seemed like an endless number of people came from Sultan to support our team on the turf. Cheering so loud that my ears rang the rest of the weekend. The crowd was loud, active, and BLUE. Filled with staff, students, parents, siblings, Turks fans of all kinds were there. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was attending a home game. 

From the beginning, the game was exhilarating, a truly hard-fought battle that would give Napoleon a run for his money. “I’m proud of our team, despite the outcome.” exclaimed Kegan Aamold, a senior on the football team, “Everyone truly did try their best, and seeing how we played despite the circumstances, It makes me happy for the rest of the season, and the future of the team.”  

In the end, the Turks lost 21-31, with Derek Feltner scoring 3 clean touchdowns for the Turks. To many a heartbreaking defeat, I see it as a testament to the pride that our community takes in those we are surrounded with. Good job Turks! 


 (Taken by: Kamryn Skeith) The Turks line up after the national anthem, waiting in anticipation for the game to start. 


The Turks Knock It Out At Pink-Out  

By Derek Feltner 10/9/2023 

The Sultan Turks took on the South Whidbey Falcons in a stunning win for Pink-Out 2023. The Turks came out swinging winning the first set of the match. South Whidbey rallied back winning the next 2 sets in a row taking the lead. The Turks knew they needed dig deep for this game. We won the following set which brought us to set 5, first to 15 takes the win. South Whidbey quickly jumped to a 10-4 lead. Following a timeout and possession change the Turks had points flying onto the board. The game was 11-11 when South Whidbey scored once more. Then with the score 11-12 the Turks had one last burst of energy scoring 4 points and winning the game! After the game we interviewed Captains Kiana and Jenna as well as Coach Power, here’s what they had to say “It was a big one for us especially because we persevered a lot and came back after being down a lot of points”-Kiana Kypreos “It felt well deserved after how crazy some of the previous calls against us were, it felt good to see the team not give up”-Jenna Fleming “It shows perseverance for the girls. I’m here to just put them on the court and guide them but at the end of the day there the ones who do the work and the ones who have to find it in their gut to push past it and win.” -Coach Power. The atmosphere wasn’t our best in the student section but those who were participating cheered with their all as if they were on the court playing “The student section didn’t give up on us”-Jenna Fleming. Overall Volleyball Pink-out 2023 was a success and a great game to attend and cheer for. 

Football Pink-Out 2023      

Written by Jenna Fleming, 10/9/23 

The Turk’s took a tough loss to the Kings Knight’s last Friday night (10/6) but that didn’t stop our student section and parents from cheering and wearing as much pink as possible to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month. Junior Cheer made a special appearance at the game, with the amazing opportunity to cheer alongside our cheerleaders. Having a youth cheer program is so special, it sets a foundation for kids to try a different sport they might enjoy. Imagine being a little kid and the people you look up to the most have a program that allows you to be alongside them at a big high school football game. The game itself was tough but the atmosphere and town showing up and supporting our team was a great experience to be a part of.  Now, onto what some of the football players think, Kegan Aamold said” There was good support from our town, and I heard lots of people donated to breast cancer awareness”.  Derek Feltner said, “Although it was a tough loss to a good team, we will bounce back, and it was nice to see the participation from the student section and fans”. Angel Cruz, another football player, adds “The student section was still loud and encouraging even when we were down and losing, so that was nice. In previous years we haven't had that”. Now, let's here from a student/sports med tech perspective. Here is Regina Jimenez “Cool to see them still giving them their best and keeping their head in the game despite the score. Seeing it from the sideline as a sports med tech too, they had a good mentality and didn’t use injuries as an excuse”. Our Turks move on to 4-2 for the season as they prepare for their next game away at Cedar Park Christian.    






Photo Creds to Paige Vanhulle  

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