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SHS First Wresting Tournament

Ava Smith

Jan 2, 2024

Sultan high school 2023-2024 wrestling started November 13th, 15 members and wrestlers will start

competing. Wither its tournament or big-time duals or not! Players will have weigh ins and hydration tests, this sport has physical and mental demands. You need stamina and tactical intelligence. Success in wrestling requires not only physical strength but being aware, wrestlers must strategize and anticipate their opponents moves and execute techniques with just seconds to think, and even if they don’t do great, they return to the mat stronger and more determined. Taught by 3 great coaches, Mikey Vernell, Garth McDickens and Jake Estrella Sultan high schools first tournament was held at mariner high school December 2nd, and a variety of schools showed up. It was a long tournament where each weight class had a 16 man bracket full of quick and experienced wrestlers resulting in the Turks wrestling for over 9 hours. In the end after fighting many tough battles against rival wrestler, Alex Hernandez, and Elijah Veal won gold! The cardinals have been beating them by team points for the last few years, because the Turks did not have a big enough team to fill out the weight classes and that had led to lots of losses. This year the Turks still had several forfeits, but the team has increased greatly leading to a close victory despite the shallow roster. Here's a few words Elijah Veal wanted to say! “The coaches and Myself are very proud of the team for how they wrestled against Seattle academy and in the tournament last weekend They're things we all need to work on, but I saw everyone improve in lots of ways in and outside of the wrestling room.” After all the first tournament went well for the Sultan Turks. Go Turks!

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