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Movie Review: Oppenheimer

Brayden Armstrong

Jan 4, 2024

Today I will be talking about the movie Oppenheimer which was released on July 21, 2023. This movie takes place in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oppenheimer is about his life before creating the bomb, while creating the bomb, testing, and using the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Robert J. Oppenheimer was an American Theoretical Physicist who was director of the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos was the area in which they the laboratory. Oppenheimer was given the nickname “father of the atomic bomb”. Oppenheimer had an amazing cast with Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and many more. Cillian Murphy did a great job as Oppenheimer; his acting was incredible and fantastic. The music was done by Ludwig Goransson, a Swedish artist who did 3 overarching movements. The director of Oppenheimer was Christopher Nolan, Nolan was best known for directing Interstellar and The Dark Knight. Nolan used little CGI during the making of Oppenheimer, he only uses it if he needs to use it. In Interstellar the scenes where they had fields of corn it was actual corn. He had purchased 500 acres of

it to do filming of the field. This movie for me was a 10/10. The music in this was outstanding and made some scenes more thrilling and nerve racking. The acting from all characters was very well done, all characters had a moment where they stood out and had an iconic line. The filming in this was well done, everything was well done and was perfect. My favorite scene was at the end when Oppenheimer told Einstein that he gave man kind the power to destroy themselves. This part was even better when it showed earth shooting nukes around itself and seeing it becoming on fire. Overall this movie was amazing and it’s definitely worth seeing in theaters.

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