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Blurt Alert

Chloe Groeneveld

Jan 4, 2024

Blurting is known for its negative connotation in writing, conversation, and thought. But in learning, blurting is a studying method that contains bountiful positive outcomes. The Blurting Method helps humans learn and retain extensive amounts of information. This method can be widely used for whatever the subject may be that you are intending to acquire knowledge of. The Blurting Method is a

retrieval practice that allows long-term memory of the subject you're learning to be processed and stored in the brain. Read more to learn how to utilize the Blurting Method. 1. Get your notes together. If you organize your notes and materials into smaller sections, it will be easier to take in the information and process what you're learning. 2. Read. Read all the sources that you are given to learn from. Read them carefully, whether that is out loud or repeatedly to help you comprehend the subject you are learning. 3. Blurt It! Put away your notes or close your book. Now grab a sheet of paper and begin to write everything you can remember from what you just read (reason why it’s called the Blurting Method). Jot down every detail, memory, and thought. Don’t necessarily worry about doing it all correctly, plainly just write anything you remember from the reading down, but make sure you pay attention to major ideas and phrases. 4. Evaluate. Review your notes or reading one more time, look for the details that you possibly didn’t include in your Blurt. 5. Add. Now differentiate your notes to the reading. Use a different colored pen and write the missing information in the areas in which they belong on your Blurt sheet of paper. By doing this you are learning from your errors, and this helps prevent them from being missed in the future. You may repeat these steps until the desired amount! But remember where you water yourself you will bloom. You must put in effort if you want to see a difference whether that is learning or growing. You got this!

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