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Erick Vazquez

Jan 16, 2024

“Blonde” franks ocean second album and maybe his last, released in 2016 the album has since been engraved in the mind of anyone's mind who's cared to listen to the album all the way through. With incredible production that truly makes your ears clear up and truly experience the song and with lyrics that frank sings so perfectly that it vibrates a certain string in the brain that nothing else will ever touch. frank himself did a lot of the production but he wasn't without help, Pharrell Malay and Om 'Mas Keith along with some other producers helped produce the album. There are also features/vocals from Andre3000 and Beyonce and bon Iver and yung lean. The production is beautiful in every single song from the guitar that plays in “self-control” to the beat switch in “nights”, to the perfect harmony achieved only by the perfect balance of beat and singing and the perfecting voice mixing in “white Ferrari”. The production of the album is at times delicate and almost fragile while then with what feels like no notice strong, and in your face, the lyrics of every song are heartfelt beyond the simply compassion of imagining his perceptive and feeling for him. An album that can bring tears to listeners or help during a tough time, a truly moving piece that time has only made better. If you've never listened to it before I suggest sitting down and listening as it is an experience. Frank ocean lefts us with a truly remarkable album, my favorite and a lot of my friend's favorite, in fact the person who introduced me to frank ocean says blonde is the best album ever made “nothing will ever come close” he says. Frank left us with the best possible album and although I would love for him to release more this album makes it ok if he doesn't.

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