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A New Teacher With a New Method

Derek Feltner

Jan 24, 2024

Ms. Benoy has been an amazing addition to our staff this year. She teaches Spanish 1 as

well as Spanish 2. In my personal experience she has been a great teacher who makes learning fun for everybody. She creates a comfortable, and bubbly learning environment with a class structure that suits everybody’s needs. Her take on teaching is a change of pace that many students need. We are nominating her as teacher of the month to recognize her amazing contributions to Sultan High School. She is a valued member by my peers and is always willing to help students in need. She makes learning a new language fun and immersive. With the chance to interview her. Here are some questions that I asked- What’s been your experience at Sultan High School? She answered in the respective order “Super positive overall, the students work hard, and the staff is great. I have had lots of wonderful mentors here and an overall terrific experience.” I next asked her, what ignites your passion? She responded: “Watching kids grow into themselves mature and get excited to be adults, seeing the lightbulb go off. Seeing younger students grow and become ready to be part of the world.” I also asked what’s something that she would recommend to students who want to learn Spanish? “Other than taking Spanish class, watching a movie in Spanish first with English subtitles. Talking to friends who know Spanish in Spanish, using and hearing and reading the language as much as you can.” Lastly for some fun I asked her what her favorite food was, she replied “Bagels with chive cream cheese” definitely a great choice, it makes me hungry thinking about it. Overall Ms. Benoy has impacted this school in a positive way and is a positive role model students can admire in our school. Thank you, Ms. Benoy, for all your hard work!

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