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A Dive into the Blood Drive

Jenna Fleming

Jan 22, 2024

On Friday January 12th Sultan HOSA co-hosted a blood drive with Blood Works Northwest. Blood Works Northwest is a non-profit organization harnessing donor gifts to provide a lifesaving blood supply to 95% of the hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. This is the second annual SHS HOSA blood drive. Last year HOSA helped with 2 different blood drives, one was in the high school gym and the second one was held at the new Fire Station in Sultan. This year the blood drive was outside! Well, not completely outside. Blood Works Northwest brought a “blood mobile” and parked it right outside the high school. Patients were escorted out of the blood mobile into the conference room to recover in a warm space provided with juice and snacks. HOSA did their best to advertise the blood drive and encourage people to come donate blood. They had 34 total donors and collected 30 units of blood, which is 15 liters! Out of those 34 donors 15 of them are first time donors. This is great because having new donors helps build a stable donor base. Currently we are having a worldwide blood shortage, hospitals only have a day's worth of blood, for hospitals to be comfortable they should have 36,000 units of blood on hand each day. To continue to meet the demand for blood we need to have 1,000 donors per day! Be on the lookout for HOSA’s next blood drive so you can donate!

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