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Apr 15, 2024

Titanic April,1912 112 years ago on April 10th,1912 RMS Titanic left port from South Hampton, England headed to NYC but first stopping in Cherbourg, France then stopping at its last European stop in Queenstown, Ireland then four days later at 11:35pm accidentally crashing into a huge iceberg scraping through the right side of the hull which was known as the starboard. Then at 2:18 am snapping in half and bobbing in the water for an hour then sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in five minutes. Not only were there twenty lifeboats nearby when the boat sunk, but only one of the twenty came back for survivors, they would not have had to come back if there were enough for the amount of passengers but since Bruce Ismay decided that 32 lifeboats made the deck look cluttered and it took up the beautiful open space on the upper class deck for the first class people to stroll and if it was cluttered with life boats they wouldn't want to stroll, there were not enough boats aboard when the ship was sinking. So, because of Bruce Ismay and the Iceberg 1,597 people died on Titanic, 832 passengers and 685 crew. Equally Important one of the many people that survived this ship was Molly brown also known as the “Unsinkable Molly brown” because of her several courageous acts on titanic and because she not only survived the sinking on titanic but also the Lusitania 

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