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Taiwan Hualien City Earthquake

Alex Aguilar Torrez

Apr 15, 2024

On a tragic Wednesday morning Taiwan had faced one of the strongest tremors in the last 25 years. The earthquake causing at least seven death and around 736 injuries leaving some people stranded and without a home. Most of the damage was reported to be in the city of Hualien but the tremors also were felt by Hong Kong and even as far as China. Taiwan is used to regular earthquakes and would be the best prepared for these situations, Authorities suspected the earthquake to be mild and didn't send any alerts to warn anyone, but once it struck it was strong enough to scare those who are used to the violent shaking. Many residents said that this was one of the first times they've been scared by an earthquake. It left many without electricity and water hours later since the earthquake did hit in the morning hours later parents were walking their kids to school and people were driving to their jobs, but the following day was when shops and restaurants were able to open again and run smoothly. In 1999 Taiwan had one of their worse earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 causing over 2,400 deaths and leaving 1,000 injured and destroying many buildings. This caused Taiwan to be more alert and prepared for more earthquakes to come it was a major wake up call, it led Taiwan to improve their emergency response and passed the Disaster Prevention and Protection Act and set up two national centers to handle coordination and training for earthquakes. Which is why Taiwan was so prepared for the Hualien earthquake and people were going back to the norm so quickly. 

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