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National Arbor Day

Matei Zamfiroiu

Apr 15, 2024

Originating in 1872, Nebraska, Arbor Day is a yearly reoccurrence on Friday, April 26, which encourages communities all around the world to inform themselves about or plant trees. This event was founded by J. Sterling Morton, a nature lover / journalist, who believed that trees had a significant impact on our environment, as well as the quality of life in the ecosystem. He proposed Arbor Day to raise awareness and educate people on how important trees really are. 

Nowadays, Arbor Day activities include planting ceremonies, educational workshops and even dedicated school days about environmentalism and saving trees. Trees do a number of important things for our surroundings, including oxygen production and air purification, which are essential to every day life. By coming together to bring more green to places, and plant trees all around the town, many communities make a difference by setting a good example and creating a greener, healthier future for future generations 

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