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Earth Day

Jenna Fleming

Apr 12, 2024

Earth Day is an annual event that occurs on April 22nd, this day is to celebrate and demonstrate support for environmental protection. The inaugural Earth Day took place on April 22nd, 1970, marking the beginning of a tradition observed globally. Each year, a specific theme is chosen for the event, with this year’s focus being “Planet vs. Plastics”. Earth Day is a big event, with millions of individuals and organizations coming together to contribute to environmental causes. Over the years Earth Day initiatives have come together to plant 100s of millions of trees, completed 15 million volunteer clean ups, and 7 billion schools have received green school grants for helping demonstrate support and take action to protect our environment. For those wanting to get involved you can go to and find a plastic and garbage clean up near you. You can also register your own cleanup effort, rallying support from volunteers to join in your cause. This year’s theme “Planet vs. Plastics” underscores the urgent need to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. The goal is to help raise widespread awareness of the health risks associated with plastics and to encourage people to reduce their use of single-use plastics. Additionally, Earth Day initiatives are working hard to support a strong UN Treaty to stop plastic pollution and stop harmful fast fashion. By joining forces with others around the world, we can work to have a sustainable future and create a safe environment for generations to come.        

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