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Bass Spawn

Derek Feltner

Apr 15, 2024

The bass spawn is creeping around the corner as spring begins to heat up. The bass in Washington are some of the last bass to spawn in the country. You may be asking, what exactly is bass spawning? It’s just as it sounds, the female bass begin to head towards the banks of their habitats and prepare a “bed” which is just like a nest to lay their eggs. The bass protect their eggs with aggressive strikes against other fish and critters looking for a quick bite to eat. Fisherman, traditionally labeled as ‘Anglers’ use this knowledge to their advantage, by using lures that mimic fish who are trying to steal the eggs they can trigger a reactionary strike out of the protective bass. As the temperatures heat up the bass begin to come out of their lethargic state. Bass are highly coveted by fisherman due to their great size and competition value, the biggest bass caught and recorded in Washington was found in Lake Bosworth, Snohomish County it weighed in at 12.53 lbs. The largest bass caught in the U.S. however weighed 22.4 lbs. Typically, bass prefer warmer water, bass will begin to get active. According to as the water temperatures reach 60 degrees bass head to the shore to create their bed. As the water gets to 65 degrees the bass will spawn their eggs and the females lose their appetite. This happens in Washington in the late spring months, ex. Late April and early May. Bass spawn have different rules in all states, some states do not allow fishing during bass spawn season, however according to “Bass can be found all year in many Washington lakes”. Other fishing opportunities while waiting for bass season to start again include, trout and catfish in rivers and other lakes around Washington. 

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