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Veterans Day Assembly

Daniela Esmeralda

Nov 13, 2023

Saturday, November 11, 2023, is the day we celebrate Veterans' Day. At 8:45AM, Thursday, November 9th, Sultan High School had an assembly in honor of those who served in the military. Zahira Esquivel-Gutierrez brought attention to all the students by asking all to stand and remove their hats in honor of those who served in the military. She sang the “National Anthem,” students and staff applauded her as she finished, and all sat down. Grace Plummer had interviewed 2 veterans, “Anne Marie Bunch, and Jack “.  Jack had served for 2 years. Anne served for 9 years which in most cases, after 9 years their rank is an E-9 (Sergeant major) as for Jack, serving for 2 years. Serving two years in the military his rank was Specialist. What does your typical day schedule look like? And had talked about the boot camp. And if it was as tough as it sounded. She says “no, the bootcamp isn't as tough as you may think it is, if you're athletic or just in good shape, it should not be too difficult.” It is a lot of running so, it should just keep you in decent shape like a workout. Morning routines for the military would look like waking up at 0600, using the bathroom, getting dressed and eating breakfast they were in the BOM yard by 0900, lunch was then at 1200 through 1300. And then by 1700, they had packed up and went to their rooms. Anne and Jack had talked about a few suggestions for the students from Sultan Senior High School that had been thinking about military service as an option after High School. 

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