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Pep Band

Brayden Armstrong

Nov 24, 2023

Every home football and basketball game all band kids come to the game to play songs for the game. The most common songs the band plays are The Star Bangled Banner and, of course, The Fight Song. These songs are played at the beginning of every game. Pep band is known for being incredibly loud and very energetic. Many people enjoy watching and listening to the band. Many people love the football games for the music that band brings to the game and the energy. “I think they’re good, just repetitive.” Said Levi Curwen “I really like pep band because you can play popular songs, hangout with friends, support the team, and make lots of noise. I also love to play the bass guitar” -Ryder Folsom.  

Band is by far one of my favorite classes. The best thing about band is pep band. The number of songs we play for the games is amazing. Our most loved songs are Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars, Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon, Fireball by Pitbull, and my personal favorite, Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett. Ms. Sumpter, the band director, says the most important thing during pep band is to have fun and show support to our team. We always have fun with pep band. One of the funny parts about band is singing along with the cheerleaders. Sometimes we do weird cheers with them but it’s fun and you can laugh at yourself for looking goofy.  

“Pep band is very fun, casual, and a good learning experience for new people who are in band.”, said Jacob Gardner, a senior trombone player in band. Pep band has helped new players, including myself, become a better player. Pep band has gotten a lot of attention over the years and people still talk about how the band is and how much they’ve improved. 

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