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Adam Elmoslemony

Nov 13, 2023

What is Palestine? What is happening right now in the world between Israel and Palestine? Who is the right side who is the wrong one? Everyone is talking about what is happening now in Palestine. Before you take side any of them, have you spent five minutes to do good research and knowing the truth before you judge and take whatever country, probably not. Before I say my opinion or what I think is right let me take you around short quick story from the beginning of Palestine and Israel problem. First in 1917 there was statement published by The British government is called ‘’Balfour Declaration’’ during the First World War announcing its support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. That what we called ‘’A promise from those who do not own to those who do not deserve’ ’because they just do not want the Jewish people to stay at their countries at Europe, so they send them to Palestine. Fun fact Palestinian people deal with it, and they welcomed them into their country and homes. I do not want to   get in a lot of details because everything is clear  at  , I would just stay imagine someone asks you to stay in  your house or even without asking and you welcome him as well , and then he is going to kick you out kill your family and your kids and call you a terrorist. Can you imagine that? Isn't it crazy? If you believe that is a type of defending themselves ‘’ Israel’’ I would not agree but I respect, but I do not think killing women and kids is defending strategy they are civilians' I would call it genocide that what I see no food, water, and medical stuff even to heal up. Is hitting schools is defending if they really believe they are just trying to kill the terrorist, do they really believe anyone is there, the answer is no they are just trying to genocide everyone. Therefore Isarel broke at least more than 15  of the war rules and no one did talk about that or take action with them , some examples of rules they broke : bombing 4 hospitals' in Palestine, schools ,  ambulances , churches and mosques   and some places with white phosphor, for who don’t know white phosphorus  is illegal to use and for who don’t know also what is it doing, it burns in air and causes  severe burns upon contact with skin or eyes. They cut off food, water, and electricity. This is just a little bit from the rules they had broken, and they are continuing to do it while you are reading this article now probably. Lastly, I will leave some sources and research if anyone wants to know more or see the real side cause most of the news is faking what is happening instead of showing the truth and helping them. this article is opinion article , it's just my opinion  it is a genocide this kids and people deserve to live normal live have at least water otherwise those who dead in hospitals'  because they cut from them lights so oxygen so they dead before getting in this life even, but I do respect other opinions too but I would recommend a research before you speak up to any of them.  #free Palestine  

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