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One-Act Plays

Kegan Aamold

Nov 24, 2023

Where were you on the night of November 14th? If you weren’t at the high school, you missed out big time. Drama Club displayed 4 plays all in 1 hour on stage. These truly were some of the greatest plays I have ever seen. There were snacks served along with drinks of water, and a great arranged seating venue in front of the commons stage. 


The show kicked off with the first play “The New Meteorologist”. Starring the likes of Marcus Yang (Sports Anchor), Rienna Steadman (News Anchor), Toby Day (Pizza Boy/Meteorologist), Gloria Magruder (Behind the scenes makeup artist), and Macy (Director). We start on a news set. It's about how none of the anchors wanted to report the weather and not fill in. A pizza boy then walks onto the set. The director thinks the young lad should be a meteorologist and not your average pizza boy. The pizza boy’s unethical and chaotic ways made the news entertaining, and the audience adored it. This cast also did the also very comedic “Free Advice”.  


Another one of the shows is about a student who became a substitute teacher when the teacher had to leave the class. The student/teacher ended up giving a pop quiz that same class period and the class became upset. They then manipulated the newly promoted teacher into giving them the answer. This starred the likes of Lillian Howell (Lauren), Brooke Jackson (Elizabeth), Karen Nieva Daza (Alexis), Morgan Niegal (Mrs. Moore), Chloe Payne (Justice), and Stariana Christenson (Louise). 


And finally, for my personal favorite, the vintage, dramatic, and most appealing play of them all, “Homecoming”. V Sherman (Emma) opened the play up with her bright and shining attitude, while the main character who was played by Mason Santerre (Derek), was stressed that he woke up late and had little time to get ready to go to the football game to be announce homecoming king. The homecoming queen was played by Mary Chapman (Brenda), she walked in with a beautiful dress on and waited for Derek to get ready. With them in Derek's Bedroom was the father played by Lucas Dominguez and the mother played by Pidge Pettigrew. After all the stress Mason went through, scared he would have to wear his bathrobe for when he was getting announced to be homecoming king, it ended up a long, and dreadful nightmare. He ended up having enough time to get ready after all. This play was my favorite because all of the characters did so well expressing their words and actions, and overall it was very entertaining. 


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