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Fortnite Forever

Erick Vazquez-Vargas

Nov 13, 2023

Last Friday, November 3rd, Fortnite had an update that reverted the game back to the 2018 version many people knew and loved. The old map is back and along with it are some of the old weapons, loot, and vehicles. This new update is what the people had been asking for, and now that they finally got it, they love it. 44.7 million people (about twice the population of New York) logged in after the update to play, the most players ever on Fortnite at one time. It is no secret that Fortnite had fallen off and was not the game it used to be, so this decision by epic games to revert the game to an older version came at not much of a surprise but the comeback and popularity of Fortnite after the update was a surprise. More people are playing than ever before, people who haven’t played in years are coming back to see if they still have it, everyone appears to need a glorious victory royale, a win in the og map with your og squad is a must it seems. Moving forward the game doesn’t seem to be burning out. Although “This season will only be running for one month until December 2, 2023. There’s a lot to pack during that time though, with a new hotfix being release each week to progress the flashback to a new season from chapter 1, and each will bring fresh weapons, vehicles and landmarks back into play (the biggest change for fortnight season og). There are still things to look forward to, epic is being smart, and we are eager to be able to play as we used to. Although not all good Students at student high school have noted that since the new Fortnite update their lives have been taken over, their grades have dropped, and their sleep schedules have morphed all due to their need to be the best and get a win. 

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