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The Story of Santa

Brayden Armstrong

Dec 6, 2023

The story of Santa begins hundreds of years ago to a man named St. Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was man that was admired by many people due to his kindness and how caring he was to people especially kids. As years went by and more people began to believe about this man and how if you were nice, you would receive gifts from Santa Claus. It is said that the wealth he had originally, he gave away to the sick and poor people around the world. One of the most famous stories of St. Nicholas was how he saved 3 sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution.

As time went on, the story of Saint Nicholas started spreading across Europe and towards the west. Soon it reached America and became very popular in a short amount of time. The story of Santa Claus became a well-known thing around Christmas time every year. Many people made movies about Santa Claus, while others made catchy Christmas songs that are very loved by all. Santa Claus began to arrive in malls where an old person would act as Santa and ask little boys and girls what they would like for Christmas. Boys and girls would be on good behavior to earn a present from Santa.

Santa Claus has become an important part of Christmas and the idea of kind, jolly, and gentle person given gifts to those who are good is very important. The whole point of Santa is to remind ourselves that during the Holidays it’s important to be kind and giving to others around you whether it be family or friends.

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