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First Christmas Experience

Adam Elmoslemany

Jan 1, 2024

My first Christmas experience as an exchange student. I am Adam Elmoslemany an exchange student from Egypt attending sultan high school as a junior I am writing about my first last Christmas experience. First, I liked the family gathering and how warm and lovely it feels. I liked the events in the church who people are happy singing and praying and enjoying their holiday on Christmas eve. Then Christmas day! Waking up everyone is happy, excited for presents and enjoying the family gathering. So, for me it was incredibly special how lovely it is when you get something you like. It was gorgeous feeling to get someone something they like, and they really are happy that already made my day. The other thing was Christmas movies; they were awesome. Playing board games with family. It is about family and friends and making each other happy sometime life takes you on way work, studying, practicing or whatever, so you do not think about Geeting presents for each other or making each other day. Also, Christmas movies were awesome. I did not know much. I watch it every year at home alone only, I watched this year a lot I have new favorite one called Elf. It is amazing. Also, I have been to Leavenworth, and I have seen snow for the first time in my life. It was cool. I had so much fun on Christmas, it would not be the same without my host family. I love them and am so thankful for them. Since I have never experienced Christmas before my first last time, I would say it was awesome.

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