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Turk of the Month

Kegan Aamold

Mar 12, 2024

It’s a great honor, a precious award, and it’s an individual achievement that every Turk should strive to achieve, the one only Turk of the Month award. A student who has shown excellence, kindness, and gratitude to this High School will get this award. Some of the greatest students ever such as Connor Talik and Sarah Gillespie. Lorina Eakin is a freshman girl who has won this award for excelling and being wonderful. She works very hard in the cafeteria during lunch and fills a lot of roles around the school that may go unnoticed by some. She took this position because there was a shortage and realized how much help the kitchen staff needed to work efficiently. Lorina even recruited some of her friends for this job to help make sure that the cafeteria runs smoother and to fill other vacant roles. All while doing her job in the cafeteria, she’s also in the Broadcast/Tech Club and was one of the backstage assistant crew members for the play that happened in Late February. When I sat down with her she said “It felt good to win the award” and said to other students “to do their best” to win the award. Congratulations Lorina Eakin! 

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