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Life in Crack Day

Chloe Groeneveld

Mar 7, 2024

Nature is a mystery within itself. How does a dandelion grow between two cement slabs of a sidewalk? It’s an incredible rebirthing phenomenon that shows even the smallest growths can be found in the most unlikely of places. Every March 10th, The Festival of Life in the Cracks Day celebrates the shoots of new life that blooms in the cracks of manmade creations. This day also acknowledges that Spring is upon us. 3,000 years ago, the celebration of Nowruz (an Iranian or Persian New Year celebrated by many) took place for the first time. Nowruz is one of the oldest celebrations to celebrate the coming of spring and is celebrated by a spring cleaning, then a family reunion. There’s many different holidays that celebrate the coming of spring, and I believe it’s because of the beauty both physically and metaphorically it presents. With Spring comes the rebirth of many different growths, and with many different growths comes nature’s astonishing and vibrant beauty. Nature is quite inspiring, prooving to us that even the lifeless and dull environments allow for some form of growth. Nature is a beautiful lesson that each one of us should remember. Just like her, we are forever changing, transitioning and transforming into something new. We have seasons just like her; growth, loss, prosperity, and bitterness. She shows us that we are not stuck in one season our whole lives, growth and new life is just around the corner. Just like the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” sometimes life brings hardship to create change. Change is necessary, but it also is terrifying. No matter what life throws at us the Festival of Life in the Cracks Day is just a reminder that growth can sprout in the smallest and randomest of places, all places allow for a form of growth. Allow yourself to not fear growth, mother nature her self is in constant change. 

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