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Ryder Folsom

Mar 1, 2024

As March rounds the corner we spring into the next season of SHS sports Golf is often overlooked amongst the other spring sports despite Sultan being decent at it. As this year’s team settles into their practice routine, anticipation builds. The Sultan Turks practice at BlueBoy Golf Course in Woodscreek. BlueBoy Golf Course is the smallest that Sultan plays on with only 9 holes. It takes about 2 hours to complete the course in a fourball (4-man group). Because golf isn’t an aerobic sport the practices are more laid back than what most people what expect from a sports practice. Players group up and run the course in sequence, the next group starting once the one in front reaches the green of the first hole. Despite it being winter, the weather has been mostly sunny but still quite cold and unpleasantly breezy. Of course, everyone, not just golfers, are ready for Late march, April, and May to put the spring into spring sports. It’s a great feeling when those cool gusts shift to warm breezes as your game, in whatever sport it may be, settles at its peak for the season. The turnout for this season appears stronger than most with 15 golfers in total. I’ve been coaching golf at Sultan for 9 years and I’d say this season is my favorite so far just because of the turnout and the talent” -Coach Rob. Whether it’s securing a Birdie on that pesky hole 8 par 4 or if you’re new to golf, simply getting the ball into the green, a player can derive great satisfaction from swinging their club. Although golf can be frustrating, especially at a time of year when there’s so much wind and rain, it’s those satisfying moments and accomplishments that make it so worthwhile. “If I could offer one tip to any golfer it would be to not let one swing ruin your whole day. Golf can be frustrating. One day you’ve got it the next you can’t hit straight but the next swing can always be better” -Coach Rob.

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