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Matei Zamfiroium

Mar 14, 2024

On March 12th, our Sultan choir went to the Glacier Peak High School to compete in the Choir festival competition. We started our trip by waiting in the bus for people that were late when we realized that we had forgotten our robes in the choir room. So, we rushed back to the school and picked up the pretty blue robes that were still hanging on the rack and off we went. After the short bus ride to Glacier Peak high, we arrived at the school and hurried to the auditorium to listen to the other choirs perform before we warmed up for our songs. There were 3 amazing choirs before us, which made us a little nervous, but we pushed through and went to warm up for our performance. The warmup was pretty standard, and we got a little motivation speech from our best choir teacher Mrs. Sumpter. With much anticipation, we went to the stage and stood up onto the choir raisers, which we had thankfully practiced beforehand. After our three songs “In this ancient House”, “Like a Tree”, and “Rhythm of Life”, we were all very relieved and excited to hear what the judge had to say aaaannnnddd… WE DID AWESOME! Even though the other choirs did really well too, there wasn’t much to fix with our performance, so after we worked for about 30 min, we were released and found out that we received a 1- , which basically transfers to an A-. Our now very relieved group was released for lunch, and we all went to Safeway to split up into tinier groups and find the food that we wanted. After we all had a blast at lunch, we got back into our bus and drove back to school, where our trip ended. Overall, for not being there for 6 years, it was a great experience, and our choir did great! Go Turks! 

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