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Daniela Esmeralda

Feb 12, 2024

Sultan High School is having the Tolo dance on February 10, 2024, at the SHS Gym. Served as a place for social interactions. It also creates a greater sense of community within the school and your fellow classmates. Dances are a big part of many American High School Experiences, most attend to create memories, socialize with friends, enjoy the music, or to be someone’s date. A lot of times students bring friends from different schools to meet new people and to make new friends and make friend groups bigger. It is common for teenagers to go eat dinner before the dance, and have an after party at someone’s house, go out bowling, and some go to hotel rooms. It is common for teenagers to try and sneak in alcohol to dances, which can result in major consequences. For the Tolo Dance in 2023, not many people went but students from SHS said it was it was fun regardless of the number of students that went. For this dance, instead of boys asking out the girls, the girls are asking out the boys. Tolo is a semi-formal dance. In schools all around the country girls usually wear short dresses and Guys wear nice pants and a button up. Sultan High Schools Tolo dance theme was Valentines Day. Unfortunately, the Tolo dance 2024 was cancelled because not enough students purchased a ticket to the dance. Next year if you are going to the dance, try and encourage your friends & mutuals to go. Tolo was to raise money for the sophomores on a trip for their senior year. Maybe Tolo will happen in 2025. 

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