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The Great Pyramid of Gi- BASS PRO SPORT OF MEMPHIS

Kegan Aamold

Feb 20, 2024

In the wonderful city of Memphis, Tennessee, a beautiful pyramid lies on the great Mississippi River. The Great American Pyramid is one of the biggest modern pyramids in the world. This great structure started as an arena being home to the likes of the Memphis Tigers (NCAA) and the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA). It’s been home to some of the greatest artists the world has seen in the modern era. Through the glorious history of The Great American Pyramid. In 2005, they started to construct it into the thing we now know today, Bass Bro Ship. The store has gear for almost every outdoor activity like fishing and hunting. You could be fishing in the ocean in Florida being in a beautiful valley hunting in Alaska. Bass Pro Shop has the greatest sporting goods store ever in the universe. The store has the prettiest layout with a beautiful aquarium. Clothes hanging up along the store and rods hanging up, it’s everybody's dream. 

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