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State Wrestling

Daniela Esmeralda

Feb 23, 2024

Sultan High School’s wrestling team sent 5 students off to Tacoma Mat Classic State Wrestling Tournament, on February 15, 2024. Sophomore – Hunter Ansell, Junior – Dylan Raya-Montano, Junior – Elijah Veal, Junior – Jasmin VerHeul and Senior – Karter Button. On February 16, 2024, all 5 wrestlers left on the bus and on their way to Tacoma, WA. The journey to the hotel was just a little less than 2 hours since they took the bus. “This is going to be a fun day” - Dylan.                                                                                                     On the first day the students stayed at Hotel in Tacoma, Hunter, Dylan, Elijah, and Karter shared a room and Jasmin had her own room in the hotel. Once they got to their rooms, unpacked, they relaxed for a little while before heading to the dome and getting ready to check in and getting ready to wrestle later in the day. After getting checked in the wrestlers got to know the place and walked around the dome, saw what it was like and just looked around for a while. When they were done exploring around the dome they headed back to the hotel, got in a good workout all together, getting ready for dinner with the team of course after a long day. The following day the team headed down to the dome to weigh in first. Wrestlers had to wait and once the 2 that were going to be weighed in, 2 alternates got in but the other 3 didn’t. The 2 Wrestlers Jasmin VerHeul and Elijah Veal, they wrestled along with watching other matches in the dome. Jasmin won 2 matches on the first day then lost her first match the second day. Elijah lost 2 matches on the first day.  After spending the day at the dome, the team went back to the hotel to change, headed to dinner, workout again, and got ready for bed and headed to sleep. On day 3 the team packed their bags and came back to Sultan. Good job Turks! 

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