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National Cancer Prevention Month

Lily Heath

Feb 20, 2024

February is National cancer prevention month. As world cancer day is on February 4th. Cancer Prevention Month is important because it raises awareness about ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer. It is all about taking big steps to protect ourselves, friends, families, even the ones we do not know. By promoting healthy habits like eating nutritious food, staying active, and avoiding tobacco products and excessive sun exposure, we can lower our chances of developing cancer. Like Dr. Dalwadi said on, "You can avoid alcohol and tobacco use as much as possible because those have clearly been linked to certain cancers," also, "Eating a healthier diet, balancing fats, proteins and carbs. Protecting your skin when you are out in the sun.". Therefore, regular check-ups and screenings are also a key to catching cancer early when it is most prevalent and treatable. During this month, there are so many volunteers led events and campaigns that educate people about the importance of prevention, like sharing information about risk factors. It is a time for us to come together as a community and support those who have been affected by cancer, and those who may be affected later. By spreading awareness and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, we can make a real impact in reducing cancer rates. Cancer research and prevention has helped save over 18 million lives. The said “1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and 1/3 people will have cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, there is no cure for cancer yet, but there are so many ways to prevent cancer that if we all follow through and stay ahead, we all might just be safe. Some prevention methods are; limit alcohol use, limit UV ray exposer, stop smoking, manage your weight, get vaccinated, get healthier.

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