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Ella Pettyjohn

Feb 20, 2023

His skin was tight, restrictive. He scratched and gnawed at his hands. Skin split and the gore spilled out. From beneath his flesh the red flower sprang. He felt himself slipping away. He believed he was turning into something else, something dark and disturbed. 

But you see, it was all inside his head. 

As he mutilated his own body, he was driven into a deeper madness. A madness which he could not escape. The screams, the screaming was himself, but he couldn’t hear it anymore. He was gone. He was trapped inside the darkest part of himself. His failed attempts at clawing his way out only left him mangled. He laid there on the ground, gasping. His bloodied hands groped the carpet, searching for some semblance of a comfort, something that he used to know. Something that would bring everything back to the way it was before it all fell apart. Before he fell apart. 

But you see, it was all inside his head. 

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