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California Floods

Taylor Kjorsvik

Feb 7, 2024

On Tuesday, February 6th, a “deadly atmospheric river storm” lingered over Southern California for the third day in a row. As the weather creeps up toward the desert Southwest, the storm continues to soak the region with torrential rains, threatening more floods and mudslides. After record-breaking rainfall in the area, a flood-watch on Los Angeles county got extended until Wednesday. “A flash-flood warning was posted for the Orange County coast, and flood advisories were issued as far south as San Diego and the U.S.-Mexico border” (CNN). The rainfall left damage from 475 mudslides and caused about 400 fallen trees. Fallen trees and down utility lines knocked out electricity in thousands of homes and buildings. “156,000 utility customers who remained without power in Los Angeles as of Tuesday morning. Service had been restored to most of those by nightfall” (CNN). The rainfall and snow in the nearby mountains was carried to California by an “atmospheric river”, which is an airborne current of dense moisture funneled  from the Pacific. This also qualified as a “Pineapple Express” , an atmospheric river from subtropical waters in Hawaii. Meteorologists say that while such storms are common on the West Coast, they will become more extreme as climate change worsens. 

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