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Black History Month

Sally Lor

Feb 5, 2024

Black History Month In the month of February, Black history month is a time we get a chance to celebrate and appreciate accomplishments and contributions of African Americans throughout history. This month allows us to celebrate their resilience, and their big impact on the world today. Some of the biggest civil rights leaders that most of us know today is Martin Luther King Jr, Brack Obama, and Rosa Parks. All three impacted today's society, by which they fought their way into shaping the world into how it is today. Throughout the nation there are a variety of ways to celebrate and show appreciation. One of ways to do that is to educate yourself with the history of African Americans in your community of throughout the world. Recognize the people in your community who have helped build the world into how it is today. Throughout the nation there are many local black owned shops around the world. Take a moment in your day to go look around and to go support local black owned businesses. The first black history month first started in 1976 when the US president, Gerald Ford extended the recognition to “honor the too often neglected accomplishment of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” Some more important days to recognize black history month is February 3rd, 1870, when the 15th amendment to the US constitution was ratified which granted African Americans men the right to vote. Black history month was chosen to be in February by Woodson to encompass the birthdays of two Americans who played a major role in shaping black history, named Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. With all this information about Black History month, take a moment to think about those surrounded by you who face discrimination and remember where they came from and how far they've come to today. Take a moment to support those black owned businesses or to educate yourself more about Black History month.

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