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Alex Aguilar Torrez

Feb 20, 2024

Who is Vlada Roslyakova? Vlada Roslyakova is a Russian model who started her modeling career in 2004 she was known for her sparkling blue eyes and porcelain face. Vlada Roslyakova was one of the most impactful models on the catwalk and was one of the many faces of the Slavic doll take over in the early 2000s. Vlada was scouted at the age of 14, growing up Vlada shared that she was always told she could be a model growing up in a small town in the city of Omsk Russia she never thought of the idea of ever being discovered.  


Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho Getty images  


      At the start of Vladas career she went to work in Tokyo Japan for the first time where she signed a contract there for 2 years. Being a foreign model at an early age Valda shared that she didn’t speak a word of English and she struggled being so young and in a foreign country it was the hardest thing for her. She talked to her mom at least 4 times in 2 months, she would be there crossing the numbers of days she would be there as she said, “I was a child”, she had to figure out her way by herself.  


Photo by Vouge Christian Lacroix haute couture fw09  Photo by Vouge Dsquared2 fw08 

   Her runway debut started in 2004 walking her first show for Rick Owens ss05 and from that show on she would be walking for more top designers being booked back-to-back cover-to-cover, some even said she replaced the top model at the time Gemma Ward. During her second season on the runway fw05 Vlada had walked 78 shows during the ready-to-wear season in all the major fashion capitals, and during the fw06 runway season Vlada had walked 91 shows which is the highest number of shows walked in one season by any model to date. Vlada booked her first ever Versace show Versace fw06, Donatella gave her a dress and 2 other outfits for this show you were considered lucky if you even got more then 1 outfit but even luckier if she put you in a Versace dress especially as a new model it was uncommon.  


Photo by Vouge Versace fw06            Photo by Vouge Tommy Hilfiger ss10  


  Vlada Roslyakova’s Versace debut made her a regular model for Donatella as she had replaced top model Gemma ward. Vlada’s last show for Versace was ss11 and after walking for versace for 10 consecutive seasons it was never known why she never opened or closed a show even though Donatella adored her and gave her more then 1 outfit every show. After walking for many years for other brands and designers, Vlada’s modeling career paused in 2011, and later she would pursue an acting career for a while.  


Photo by Vouge Versace ss10           Photo by Versace ss10  backstage  

   As of now Vlada has booked a few films and short series in her acting career and she's even started her own podcast recently where she talks about her experiences in the industry. Vlada Roslyakova has also recently become a citizen of the United States currently living in New York its wonderful to see how far she's come and seeing her living a happy life. 

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