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Tulip Festival

Apr 15, 2024

One of the most attractive in Washington in April is the colorful tulip festival. The tulip festival is known for their massive fields of different colors and kinds of tulips. There are many gardens within 15 minutes from each other and you can buy tickets and go see them on a nice sunny day. The views and flowers are just beautiful with every step you take. At tulip garden there’s this outstanding swing with flowers in the middle of the tulips where you can take perfect pictures. There are about five gardens near by with places to stop to eat lunch and parks for kids to play and take a break. The tulip festival stared in 1984 and been going on ever sense. People have been coming here to this festival and tulip gardens for years. Some families made it a family tradition to come every year and look at all the new color tulips and take a family picture. At each garden are a stand with flowers to buy and farmers market products like honey, jewelry, and apparel. Many people of all ages come to experience it all and enjoy a sunny spring day. The outstanding bright flowers are great for taking pictures and videos, Perfect background and view.  

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