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Spring Break

Sally Lor

Apr 15, 2024

Sultan Highschool’s Spring Break happened the first week of April, which was April 1st through April 5th. Students came back on Monday, April 8th. Most schools typically have spring break at the end of March or towards the beginning of April. However, college students normally start their spring break in mid-March or the end of March. You may ask why schools have spring break and the reason for that is typically for students to get their rest before finals and the last half of the school year.  

During spring break many people travel and some may not do anything during the break. For this reason, the top places that people visit during spring break is Florida, Mexico, The Carribean and or the Western or Southern part of the US. While many families travel, there are students who tend to just rest and do nothing during this time of the year. This gives students the time to recharge their batteries before school starts again. But even though some families don't travel that doesn't mean they don't spend time outdoors. Consider going outside and having a picnic with friends or taking the time to explore nature like going on a road trip or going to a park or going hiking and on walks to get your energy up.  

Most students also take this time to sleep in. For example, catch up on sleep and stay up late talking to their friends. This is not a bad way to spend your spring break, but instead of doing that, maybe hang out with them and go out.  

But staying up late during this time may be a problem in the long run when school starts again. Students tend to stay up late, and when school starts again, it messes up their sleep schedule and makes them sleepy when school returns. 

At the end of the day, Spring break is made for how the students/ their family chooses to spend their time. So, what did you do during your spring break? Did you spend your time wisely or did you travel? Regardless of what you do, that is your time and how you choose to spend your time. 

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