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Ryder Folsom

Apr 9, 2024

If you are a high school student in the USA who has ever taken a map quiz there is a good chance you used the website Seterra to practice before your test. Seterra’s website contains geography quizzes of 100’s of countries and 100’s of different game modes for Well, you could try playing the game that owns Seterra: Geoguessr. In this game you have a choice of many game modes with the most well know being “World” in which you are placed on a random street in the world via Google Street View and you must try to pinpoint your location on a map. In each game in this mode, and modes like it, you play 5 rounds. Each round is a different location that you must guess for up to 5,000 points per round so, the goal is to earn 25,000 points in a game. Players can create game modes as well, for whatever locations they desire whether it be world stadiums or mountains in Washington State. But, for most, playing like this would get very boring if it’s all you did so the other, more competitive, game modes are a great way to have some fun. In Duels you are pared with 1 other random player on the same map used for the World mode. Both players have a health bar that goes down whenever the other player guesses closer to the correct location. As the game progresses the damage delt to the farther person’s health bar multiplies, meaning that precision is key, especially in the late game. Duels also contains a competitive ranking system while the Geoguessr game as a whole allows players to level up and earn titles over time. Other game modes like Battle Royal Countries and Battle Royal Distance pit up to 10 players against each other and against the timer for the #1 spot. Surprisingly enough there is a Geoguessr world cup hosted by Rainbolt, who many of you have probably seen clips of on TikTok, in which players compete in regional divisions to move on to the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals. The whole thing is streamed live on YouTube. Not only is Geoguessr a fun game, it’s also inciteful. Through playing Geoguessr you begin to see how people live in other countries and what other parts of the world are really like. You’ll also frequently see beautiful views of towering mountains, sprawling oceans, and magnificent cityscapes. Although the learning curve can be frustrating, Geoguessr is a game everyone should try. 

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