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Volleyball Senior Night

Chloe Groeneveld

Oct 28, 2023

Thursday October 27th, 2023 at 6:45pm began the Senior night for Lady Turks Volleyball in the Sultan high school gym. We celebrated; Marisa Sipaseuth #3, who is a right-side hitter and setter. Ella Pettyjohn #5, who is also one of our defensive specialists. Paige Vanhulle #7, who is also a right-side hitter. Paetyn Schlicker #13, an outside hitter. Blessing Ayodeji #14, who is a middle hitter. The three program captains; Chloe Groeneveld #2, also an outside hitter.  Jenna Fleming #4, who is one of the defensive specialists. Kiana Kypreos #8, who is an all-around player and outside hitter. And the two senior managers Joy Ayodeji, and Regina Jimenez. Both Joy and Regina play crucial roles as managers, their duties require much knowledge and understanding of the sport volleyball. You can always count on them to get ice or be an outstanding score tracker. 

 Many emotions ran high throughout the celebration and numerous hugs were embraced. Each senior received a gift basket from the volleyball program and a special trinket from Coach Power herself. Friends and family came out and filled the stands in support of the final home, league game for the Lady Turks Seniors as they took on Bear Creek.  

“All the friends and family that were there to support us made senior night the most memorable,” Ella Pettyjohn said in an interview. “I’m grateful for having played with this team my final year of volleyball. I’m really going to miss these girls,” Pettyjohn went on to say. 

 Ella Pettyjohn has played volleyball since her 3rd grade year with Jenna Fleming and Chloe Groeneveld. Over the years the tight link between these three girls has grown. Kiana Kypreos, Paetyn Schlicker, Paige Vanhulle, and Marisa Sipaseuth all started playing sultan volleyball in middle school. Blessing Ayodeji joined the Sultan volleyball program freshman year of high school. These 8 players have played together throughout these last four years and have truly bonded with one another. 

  “There was a lot of emotion last night because of how close we have all become,” Pettyjohn concluded.   

Overall, senior night was bittersweet for all the Lady Turks volleyball seniors and players. It was a beautiful moment to share and honor the seniors of 2024! 

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