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The Turks Knock it Out at Pink Out

Derek Feltner

Oct 15, 2023

The Sultan Turks took on the South Whidbey Falcons in a stunning win for Pink-Out 2023. The Turks came out swinging winning the first set of the match. South Whidbey rallied back winning the next 2 sets in a row taking the lead. The Turks knew they needed dig deep for this game. We won the following set which brought us to set 5, first to 15 takes the win. South Whidbey quickly jumped to a 10-4 lead. Following a timeout and possession change the Turks had points flying onto the board. The game was 11-11 when South Whidbey scored once more. Then with the score 11-12 the Turks had one last burst of energy scoring 4 points and winning the game! After the game we interviewed Captains Kiana and Jenna as well as Coach Power, here’s what they had to say “It was a big one for us especially because we persevered a lot and came back after being down a lot of points”-Kiana Kypreos “It felt well deserved after how crazy some of the previous calls against us were, it felt good to see the team not give up”-Jenna Fleming “It shows perseverance for the girls. I’m here to just put them on the court and guide them but at the end of the day there the ones who do the work and the ones who have to find it in their gut to push past it and win.” -Coach Power. The atmosphere wasn’t our best in the student section but those who were participating cheered with their all as if they were on the court playing “The student section didn’t give up on us”-Jenna Fleming. Overall Volleyball Pink-out 2023 was a success and a great game to attend and cheer for.

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