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The Connor Talik

Daniela Esmeralda

Oct 11, 2023

The day Connor Talik was born, everybody knew he was going to make a difference in the world, specifically… Sultan High School. Connor is Turk of the month at Sultan Highschool, he has been a great example of what other students inspire to be. Being kind, be yourself, and don’t try too hard is the advice he has given to be Turk of the Month. He also plays multiple sports, football, basketball, and track. Although he isn’t playing football right now because his foot has been a challenge for him it doesn’t change the fact, he is a great student athlete at Sultan High School. Some other challenges for him have been to pay attention to important topics, especially when they are boring. But he enjoys being able to go out and enjoy a sport along with other individuals that enjoy doing the same thing. Connor having an opinion on something is like trying to argue with a 6yr old kid, they’re both stubborn on a opinion they are settled on. Such as his fear of what’s in the ocean, or in space, so many questions. But Mr. Talik’s biggest hope is to find happiness and his biggest goal is to be a head chef in a restaurant that he owns, but in fact after a gap year after high school. Connor plans to go out and travel, explore the states, but eventually go to culinary school and take some experience in cooking and start his dreams of being head chef in the restaurant that he’ll own one day. Perhaps one day Deion Sanders will go and eat at his 5-star restaurant with his team in 20 years so he can get Connor’s autograph. Connors story ends with him and Deion going to Ireland to see a football game. 

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