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The Boy who Cried Wolf

Billy Vue

Oct 15, 2023

Shepard boy found dead alongside sheep in a suspected wolf attack in Colorado on Friday morning.The townspeople discovered the deceased boy on a hill when he didn’t return at night. As of this moment, the wolf has not been found or even sighted in the area, but the autopsy does suggest a wolf attack. “He called us up earlier that same day, said there was a wolf up there. When we got up there, the wolf was nowhere to be found. He tricked us. And so, when he called again, nobody went to go help him,” a resident of the area said.According to the townspeople, the boy, William Baldwin had a habit of tricking the townspeople into believing that there was a wolf on the hill, when there wasn’t, which is why nobody came to his rescue when there really was a wolf. “If he didn’t play all the time, he would still be here,” his sobbing mother said in an interview. “But that’s who he was, a joker, a prankster”. 

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