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Sultan Crime Rate Falls Far Below the National Average

Billy Vue

Oct 15, 2023

The residents of Sultan, Washington have had the privilege to live in an area where major crime isn’t prevalent, with the last major headline dating back 3 months.  

Data from 4 different websites, best places, AreaVibes,, and the FBI’s own Crime Data Explorer, all point towards Sultan being a much safer place when compared to other towns and cities around the country.  

According to one of the articles, Sultan has 22% less total crime than the national average (AreaVibes 2022).  

The last major crime or headline that occurred in our area was 3 months ago, on July 9th. “Snohomish County deputies were called to the intersection of 2nd Street and Cedar Avenue in Sultan for reports of a man armed with a knife. Deputies said there was an altercation between the suspect and another man when they arrived in the area. The suspect did not comply with verbal commands and was shot by deputies” (King5 2023).  

More recently, a man residing in Sultan was sentenced to prison, less than 2 months ago, for his crimes in the Everett and Marysville areas. “Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Jacqueline Lawrence has since charged Tevaga with four counts of first-degree robbery and a hate crime — because Tevaga reported he ‘targeted the businesses run by members of the Asian community, believing they would be hesitant to report the crimes.’” (Dennis 2022).  

Our small, tightly knit community isn’t perfect by any means, but we collectively strive towards a safer place for our people to live in. Members of the community are positive and have good things to say about the City of Sultan.  

An anonymous resident on the website,, wrote, “Sultan is a growing and changing town. It is the closest, safest nicest, most affordable place in the Seattle area . . . People are nice, schools are great. We have lived here for a long time and welcome our new neighbors!” (Niche 2023). 

As you can probably tell by driving around town, we are growing. New houses, new residents, and new students. Only time will tell how the expansion of Sultan as a city will affect crime, but as a resident of Sultan for the last 9 years myself, I can assure you that we, as a community, have nothing to worry about. 


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