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My Exchange Experience

Adam Elmoslemany

Oct 11, 2023

My name is Adam Elmoslemany I'm an exchange student from Egypt I moved to Usa in august 7,2023 to Washington Dc in a long trip from Egypt, Starting new page in my life and new experience. Let me give you a short brief on how it starts before I start. It was so hard and long journey to be here and to be an exchange student started from  October   6, 2022  that was my first interview with  the company that make this program  I went through  a lot of qualifications and camps for days  till  July 31  , 2023 my last camp before I travel by a week  I'm very proud  from myself that I passed this hard journey with a lot of stress and sickness and fun  and amazing moments I made a lot of friends in this year with this company  they became my second family  we spend a lot of time together hard times and fun times. I learned a lot I gained skills I became more responsible. Now my new life starts when I arrived in Seattle airport. To be honest I was so confused and feeling alone and excited at the same time feeling I can't describe it really (mixed feelings). Ma first day was so bad I was feeling that I'm alone in another world no one can feel me or understand me I felt I lost my comfort zone I was feeling homesickness. But everything got better by the days. My first month was boring a little bit. I didn’t have friends to hang out with them, nothing to do. It was so boring because school was starting after a month when I arrived. Until I went to the school to make registration and that day, I made my first friend. He is one of the best people you might know in your life really. He helped me a lot.  He is called Kegan. We play together in football team and soccer team too. He helped me to make friends also I'm so glad to know him. After that my experience really started. More ffun!I started to hangout a bit, started to make friends, started going to football practice. Football is new separated experience for me because it's not existed in Egypt. I was so excited to play it . Now after 4 months practice and the season is ending ,I can tell it's from the best things I tried in my life . It was so hard to understand it  was so difficult to me but I'm so  happy I know how to play it now. It was amazing experience to be honest I thought a lot to quiet because I didn’t understand it and it was so hard also physically, but I'm so proud I didn’t because I don’t give up easily . My experience is pretty amazing, having awesome time sometimes trying new things and having terrible time sometimes feeling homesick and alone and don’t have friends who love me really and struggling with school and assignments. Main point in my experience is my host family. They helped m in a lot of things, I love them really maybe I don’t show a lot of cause I'm not an emotional person but really, I love them. My host mom helps me a lot really, we had fun together and sometimes funny conversations I enjoy my time with her really, She is so nice I love her. Finally, I'm so proud of myself really and what I'm doing, Also important point of all this article I wouldn’t be here having this opportunity without my family they are the main reason helped me to be here really, they deserve the world. I hope they are proud of me now as I'm proud of me. This article is the best one I wrote in my life cause every single word I mean it and it's from my heart really. 

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