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Meeting the New Assistant Principal

Ava Smith

Oct 11, 2023

Fresh faces around, new teachers’ freshman, trying to figure out names and faces and a new assistant principal?! 


Walking around Sultan High School, Ms. Breen is the new assistant principal. deep brown hair, always a bold lipstick on you knows her face! Today October 11, 2023, I decided to interview her!  

The first question I asked her was. Why did you decide to work at Sultan High School? Ms. Breen’s response was “I decided to work at sultan high school because my last school was super big and there were so many students, I feel like I couldn’t really have a connect with them or make an impact but here at sultan, its say smaller and I know I can and will make a connection and impact” knowing sultan, I know all the staff and students will appreciate her hard work and appreciate everything she will do for us! 

Then I asked her what is her main priority for Sultan High School? Her response was “I want the kids to be successful, and by making each and every one of these kids I will help them enjoy school and by doing that hopefully, they will be successful.” 

Another question I asked was who or what has had the most significant impact on your life, Ms. Breen’s response to that was “Mrs. Lynch the elementary principal. He would always make sure I was on the right track and doing what I was supposed to be doing, he also had a chair that had my name on it, and he would make me sit in it and think about stuff I have done if I have messed up.” 

I also asked Ms. Breen who she looks up to. She said she looks up to her dad a lot, her dad came from straight poverty, her dad used to sleep on the dining room table, his brother would sleep under the table and their sister would sleep in the closet because she needed more privacy but he had eventually worked out of it and went to Stanford! She looked up to him a lot because he showed her how to work hard and keep pushing even if things are hard. 

And for a fun question I asked what kind of animal closely resembles you? She had said a black lab because she has the energy of a black lab, but she also had said a black cat because she likes to be alone and closed off. 

Ms. Breen is a kind happy person and is ready to help with whatever is needed from you! You can catch her walking around or down at the primary office. 

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