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Autumn Leaf Parade

Ryder Folsom

Oct 10, 2023

There is no place more infamous to a SHS band member than Leavenworth. At least once a year they have to endure a mile and a half long march carrying heavy instruments. But being one of them I can say it’s all worth it for the music. This year’s Autumn Leaf parade was another major success in that department tanks to our music teacher Jill Sumpter. “I’m very proud of us I think we did a great job. We had a lot of beginners, but they worked hard. In comparison to the other schools, we stacked up just fine” -Band Director Ms. Sumpter.                                                                                                                                               

Because of how early in the year the Autumn Leaf parade was, practice was minimal but for many of us excitement was still high. With nearly half the class being 9th grade students it was, for many, their first time preforming in high school marching band. “I’m very proud of our band. Everybody tried their best. The trombone section really shined.” -Trombone Player Jacob Gardner. Many parents, siblings, friends, and administrators made the trek to watch Sultan play and for that we are grateful. Community support keeps our schools’ musicians moving on a hot dry Leavenworth evening.              Photo Credit: Zoie Rose 

 Although the Autumn Leaf Parade does not hold the same popularity as the Apple Blossom later in the year (that we will be playing in) it still brings many people from all around the state. Not only do high schools like ours march in the parade but a myriad of company and non-profit floats advertise through creative craftsmanship and dance. Ms. Sumpter was not able to retrieve SHS’s placement in the parade but estimates the band placed well. With all the upcoming events for our music department, such as the upcoming fall concert, she made the decision to move on. “I think it was really cool that despite our school being small we played just as well as the bigger schools." ELA Teacher Zoie Rose

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