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A Quick Stop at the Shop

Derek Feltner

Oct 23, 2023

October 23, I had the pleasure of interviewing our new additions as of last year to our Sultan Staff, Mr. Skieth and Mr. Widaman. While I visited the woodshop, I got to ask some questions of our teachers, I started with Mr. Widaman. My first question was “What project are you looking forward to the most this year?” to which he responded “building a double paneled poly styrene greenhouse with clear panels”. I asked Mr. Skieth the same question and he came up with a different response “Not necessarily a project but something I have observed so far this year which is how quickly the students are producing high quality work. Better equipment and caring about the work have been contributing factors to this success”. My second question to each of the was if you could add a machine to the shop what would you add? Mr. Widaman had to take some time to think, eventually he settled on one which was a large surface sander. Mr Skeith’s response had to do with the greenhouse in which he responded, “paneling and heat regulation for the greenhouse”. As a previous student I understand how much of a need these are for our greenhouse, and they would be very helpful additions. My final question, what’s your favorite part of the shop? Was my favorite to listen too. Mr. Widaman and Mr. Skieth gave us heartfelt answers that show how much they care about our students they both love to show students something they are passionate about as well as being able to see a student be proud about a final product from their class. We are thankful to have CTE teachers in this school that want to make an impact, if your ever interested stop by the shop building on the campus and see what it’s about! 

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