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Tolo Assembly 

Jose Mariquez 

Once, in a high school in a peaceful town, the students were preparing for the annual Tug of War competition between the Juniors and Seniors. The competition was always highly anticipated, and this year was no exception. 


The Juniors and Seniors lined up on opposite sides of the rope, each determined to win. The tension was palpable as the referee signaled the start of the competition. The match was intense, with both classes pulling with all their might. But in the end, the Juniors emerged victorious, winning the Tug of War competition for the first time in years. 


Next up was the Freshmen versus the Sophomores. The Freshmen were determined to continue the winning streak, while the Sophomores were eager to prove their strength. The match was not as intense as the previous one, and the Freshmen easily took the victory. 


The students then played the "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" game, with all the classes. It was a close match, but in the end, the Juniors had the best strategy and pulled the balls to their side, securing the victory.  


In the "Pie Game," the objective was to find as many gummy worms as possible in a pie. The Seniors dominated this match, while the Juniors came in close second. The Sophomores tried their hardest but could not catch up to the leaders. The freshman were not worthy of being remembered in this game.  


Finally, it was time for the "Red Light, Green Light" game. All the classes were participating in this game. It was an incredibly stressful game to watch. The senior class inches from the finish line but in the end, Juniors emerged victorious, bringing the final win to the Juniors. 


The students at the high school left the field that day, proud of their efforts and the challenging work they put in. The Tug of War competition was not just about winning or losing, but about coming together as a community and celebrating their school spirit. And with that, the students hugged each other, congratulating each other fr on a day full of fun and excitement. 

The Avengers Arrive! (to tolo)  

By Kegan Thomas Aamold 


IT’S BACK! TOLO returned to us after 4 years of being absent from our school activities on February 4th. Despite the low number of attendees, the people that did go brought the highest of energy. Our freshman class planned and organized this super event. Rumor had it, Spider-Man was there for a few minutes, signing autographs and taking photos with fans (waiting on approval). The playlist was great as it plays your classic high school dance songs like “Low” by Flo Rida, a few songs from Drake, and songs that everyone was joining in on. Dance circles, to shuffles, and all in all it was a very great dance. Junior, Blessing Ayodeji, said that this dance/event was the “time of her life” also saying it was a different type of vibe with the superhero theme. Faith mentioned that there were very fun moments and the dressing aspect of it and how she could use her creative mindset to make the dance fun for her and everyone around her. These times are great cause dances can help to foster a sense of community and our very own school spirit. So next TOLO comes around, you should definitely show up! 


Breonna Eggleston 

February 9, 2023 

January Student of the Month 

Kaden Stovner’s nomination 

“He is kind and helpful in his classes and would help fix your tire if yours was flat.” 11th grader, Kaden Stovner was nominated student of the month for January 2023. Due to him exhibiting vast amounts of kindness, respect, and overall being an extremely helpful Student, this guy definitely deserved the title, student of the month. “He is pleasant to staff and is a great role model to others in PE.”  Student of the month is a well-known way for sultan high school to celebrate the qualities that their students are expressing right here on campus. Multiple faculty members get the chance to be on the lookout and nominate possibly one of their very own pupils, then let a group decision decide why that student should hold the title for student of the month. Faculty members nominate a student not only because that student has expressed a great amount of qualities, but also as a way to help out other students and the school itself. As a way to say, “This student is a great role model, they are a delight to be around, and other students should strive to be like them!” In conclusion there is absolutely no doubt that Kaden deserves this incredible nomination as a student of the month, Kaden’s positive attitude and bright smile lightens up Sultan High School! In his positivity Kaden went on to say that “He wasn’t sure how or why he was nominated, but that he was Just happy about getting a free cup of coffee to celebrate.” Kaden’s humility and gentleness makes him even more worthy of this nomination. For sure, “his patience, camaraderie, and humor is a gift to ALL students at SHS.” 

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