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School News

New students 2023-2024

By Sally Lor 

Sultan High school is a school that is always welcoming to new incomers. This year we have a few new students.  New students give us new beginnings let alone their new experiences. I asked two of the new students some questions wondering how they liked it here so far and some of their experiences here at Sultan High School. Adam Elmoslemany, is an exchange student here in SHS who came here from Egypt. He transferred here this year as a Junior and by far his experiences here, he says “interesting” but gives him a chance to explore a new culture and new beginnings. Coming to the United States Adam had no expectations into coming here since he didn’t want to set standards of what the US would be like. 

Annabelle Senn who’s a Senior this year coming from Duvall Washington, was also asked the same questions. She attended Cedarcrest Highschool. Her experience moving here by far was completely different from what Adam had stated. Annabelle stated that “I had an awful time moving here due to family problem we had before we came down here, making it extremely difficult for me to focus on just moving.”  Although she was very open about moving schools and tried not to think of the negative thoughts when it came to moving. One of the things she looks forward to as her last year here is graduating, which totally makes sense as a senior.  

Everyone will have different experiences within moving to new schools, some may be bad, and some may enjoy moving schools. From hearing these responses, we’re glad to be able to get a chance to see their new faces and be able to go on their new journey with them.  

Adam and I after the pink- out game. (picture taken by Giselle Ramos)  



Loves Hill Drill (October 4th, 2023) 

By Shawna Shoemaker 

Every year all schools in Sultan practice a flood drill. The drill is practiced in the case that the Spada lake dam breaks due to an earthquake. All students and staff have a 2-hour window (according to a worker from PUD) to get to the top of Loves Hill, which is behind the baseball field by the back entrance to the school. In the drill we start with an earthquake drill, then everyone evacuates the school and goes out to the football field. All students must line up in their third-period teachers’ line and then the teachers take attendance, so everyone is accounted for. Then everyone is dismissed to head to the hill to begin the climb. The high school goes up the hill first then the middle and elementary school. At the top of the hill, there is a water station. In a real-life situation if the dam were to break there would not be attendance until everyone has gotten to safety. 

On the day of the drill, there was no rain, and the sky was cloudy, but the hill was muddy in some spots. We talked to Sally Lor about her opinion on the drill “It wasn’t bad, mainly because everyone was going slow, so it wasn’t too tiring, the only part I didn’t like was that it was muddy.” We also talked to Ranah Rylah who believes that the drill “was a nice break from class and schoolwork.” From what we have heard about everyone’s experiences in practicing the drill, most people were complaining about the mud, but they did not mind the hill. We talked to Domenique Michaelson before the drill and her thoughts were, “I think the hike is going to be hard, and I have a feeling someone is going to fall.” She also made a comment after the drill, “I'm happy it was over; I'm not going to enjoy doing it again next year.”  




Photo taken by: Ella Pettyjohn    (caption: High School students walking up the hill.) 

Sources: students from sultan high school. 

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