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Kassandra Guzman
By Kegan Thomas Aamold
The rise of a villain in society could be a very threating occurrence, driving factors lead to the way they act, think, do, and want in there corrupt, wicked, and horrible life. In the great Pacific Northwest, a small, peaceful, and your old classic American town. A place where animals run wild, a settlement made along rivers, an area with a mountain range that extends farther than 700 miles, this place holds the name of Sultan. In Sultan, there lies a teenage girl, doesn’t sound scary, but little does everyone know in this town, she is a major threat. Kassandra Guzman plays volleyball and has the intent to do things very well. She relies on herself rather than others. Her partner in crime, Ivan Acosta, is very desirable, Brexit, colossal, and powerful. Ivan might be quiet, but when the power couple is committing a crime and a fatality towards humanity, he comes in loud and forcefully. She works at a family restaurant and makes a decent wage to fund her projects. Manager of Arby’s, Ivan makes lots of

money to build facilities for his mob. One thing we must do as a human race soon is stop her collab with Drake. Canadian rapper with a lot of swagger is a dangerous threat as well. She loves the certified lover boy and can’t wait to meet him. What gets on her nerves is what everyone else hates on a nice camping trip, bugs. She wants to be successful and most likely will be. After she’s done causing havoc to the town of 6,000 people, you might catch her in Italy, specifically in the city of Rome. Hopefully we can stop her before anything happens

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