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A World Cup to Remember  


By Kegan Thomas Aamold 


At last, the 28 days of joy, sadness, bitterness, and heartbreaking turn of events, are finally over. The very rare moments when the world comes together to watch a ninety-minute affair between two countries. This wonderful sport, the sport that captures most of the world’s attention, went on display internationally, this sport as we know it and love it to be Soccer/Football (whatever you’d like to call it) Speculation about this world cup was very doubtful it would be any good, with the decision to award the country of Qatar hosting rights for the 2022 World Cup with allegations of corruption and human rights violations, since it was first announced 12 years ago. Another speculation of it being a disaster was the move to make the games played in November/December, besides the months it is usually played in of June/July, due to Qatar's intense summer heat and often high humidity. But at last, the tourney is finally over, with a captivating end to an already nostalgic world cup. Qatar, despite hosting the world cup, was very underperforming and was the first country in history to not win the opening game and the second country to be eliminated from the group stages. 56 years of hurt and still counting for England as they lose heartbreaker to France. The Dutch comeback wasn’t enough in the heated encounter with Argentina as it went into PKs. Croatia sneaks into the Semi-Finals by beating Japan and the favorite of this tournament, Brazil. Morocco warming our hearts with the players and their mothers and becoming a “Cinderella team”. At last, the finals, from the Andes to the Alps, The Obelisk to the Romantic Eiffel Tower, the flowing river of Parana, and the rich river of the Rhine, it ends with Argentina versus France. Argentina put two on the board first with Lionel Messi Striking the back of the net with a PK and then follows up with a majestic goal from Di Maria. As the clock ticks towards ninety, Argentina begins to get comfortable, but that mistake led Kylian Mbappe to comeback for France making it 2-2 going into extra time. In the 108th min, Messi gets a brace for himself and scores Argentina’s third goal, but Mbappe comebacks yet again with a well-done penalty kick making the score 3-3 getting his hat trick and ending overtime. Argentina then went on to win PKs, and winning the world cup trophy, being 32 years without the glorious title. All in all, this was a fantastic world cup, from the displays of the best players in the world to the funny moments of fans, this world cup is possibly the best one yet. 


The Pentagon is preparing to send some new  
toys to Ukraine (not the kid friendly type) 

By Jose Pacheco-Cabrera 
As the war in Ukraine grows and rages on, so does their need for a different type of  
weapon, advanced air defenses. And that is what the U.S is planning to give them. This comes  
as Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky repeatedly asked Western leaders for high-tech air  
defenses, following Russia’s targeting of civilian and energy infrastructure using missiles and  
Iranian-made drones. Russia is attacking Ukraine in as many ways as possible, and Ukrainians  
are trying their very best to counter and evade these attacks.  
What specifically does the U.S want to send? The U.S wants to send Patriot missile  
systems. What are they? They are a ground based, mobile missile defense interceptor deployed  
by the U.S and many other nations. The patriot detects, tracks, and engages UAVs (unmanned  
aerial vehicle) cruise missiles, and short-range or tactical ballistic missiles. “The system will not  
only give Ukraine vital new strength to defend its cities against missile attacks, but also  
illustrates that the Kremlin’s grinding effort has done little to erode Western support for Kyiv’s  
cause”, military analysts said according to Patrick Smith from NBC news.  


Considered one of the most capable long-range weapons to defend against incoming  
ballistic and cruise missiles, the Patriots will be able to shoot down Russian missiles and aircraft  
far from their intended targets inside Ukraine. The systems have been combat tested in the  
Middle East during Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom and have been used to down  
more than 100 tactical ballistic missiles in combat operations. Former British military  
intelligence officer Philip Ingram said the Patriot missile system will be a significant boost for  
Ukraine, not least because of "the psychological effect on the Russians." 
"They know how capable the system is and it will make Russian Airforce pilots more  
nervous even though it is unlikely to be deployed anywhere near the battle areas," he  
told Newsweek. "It will almost certainly be used to protect major cities such as Kyiv and Lviv  
and the power infrastructures around them," he said. 
While Patriots are described as the "gold standard" of anti-missile systems, retired U.S.  
General Mark Hertling said the training required to operate them means it could take several  
months for them to be introduced in battle. These could be the key to turning the tables on the  
Russians, But only time will tell who will win this war. With the amount of help Ukraine is  
getting from the U.S and other U.N nations its hard to predict the outcome of the war.  


How Patriot Missile Defense System Could Change Ukraine War ( 
What the U.S. sending a Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine could mean for Putin's war  
US to send Ukraine Patriot missile system and precision-guided bomb technology - ABC News  
US gives Ukraine Patriot missiles as Russia targets infrastructure ( 
Why the US sending Patriot air-defence systems to Ukraine isn't just about hitting Russian  
missiles - ABC News 


The Mount St. Helens Eruption and After 

By Shawna Shoemaker 

The volcano Mount St. Helens now stands at 8,363 feet tall or 2,550 m. And on May 18th, 1980, surfaced a massive eruption. The Eruption killed 57 people and thousands of animals and destroyed about 210 square miles of wilderness. Mount St. Helens is in the Cascade Range in southwestern, Washington. Before the eruption it stood at 9,680 feet. The volcano has erupted periodically during the last 4,500 years and its last active period was between 1831 and 1857. The volcano began showing noticeable volcanic activity with a series of earth tremors centered on the ground just beneath the north flank on March 20th, 1980. In April there were daily small eruptions, people who know the mountain well noticed the structure of it changing. And the morning of May 18th, it was shaken by a 5.0 earthquake, and the entire north side of the summit began to slide down the mountain. The temperatures of the blast reached 660F and the speed was at least 300 miles per hour. The ash from the eruption traveled as far as Montana. There was complete darkness in Spokane, Washington, about 250 miles northeast of the volcano.  

After the eruption the landscape around the mountain disappeared under layers of volcanic ash, tree limbs and mud. The eruption is now the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic eruption in U.S history. It caused an avalanche that crashed down onto the lake, pushing the water so hard it created large waves that washed across the mountain landscape. The landscape raised the lakebed 200 feet.  


CBS news “35 Years after Mt. Saint Helens” 


Flooding in California 

By Andrs Martin 


The most recent weather events have been most peculiar. In California there has been what's called an “Atmospheric River” causing extensive flooding; the ground has been very dry for an exceptionally long time so it cannot properly absorb the water it is being given, causing flooding. There have been a lot of places being put under evacuation order. A few days ago, the governor of California managed to get a presidential major disaster declaration for the recent winter storms, with almost none of California’s infrastructure not being able to withstand this level of storm, and nobody living being prepared to endure a storm of this caliper many people are being injured or losing property. After the rains dissipated and clean up begins a death toll of at least 20 at the time of writing has been recorded, the cleanup has begun and will cost upwards of $1 billion (about $25.50 per person in California), with a damage total of $30 billion (about $92 per person in the US). Many people are trying to look on the bright side of this disaster, some think this may help to ease the drought, but many also believe this will have no effect on the drought. Although the storm may not be over, it looks as if the conditions will be getting better. 

Staff Spotlight: Jackie Harris 

By Jackie Limon-Carrillo 

 Sultan High School has an amazing staff and crew and they all deserve recognition for their amazing work and effort they put into our school. The New SHS Turks times have decided to add a Staff spotlight to each paper we put out to show how thankful we are for them. This week we took our time to talk to Jackie Harris and get to know him! Mr. Harris has been teaching for 29 years. He’s known for his enthusiasm when it comes to reading stories with his class. What made him want to teach? “I love teaching and am very good at it. Have been all my life.” He told us. Mr. Harris is most proud of his energy and enthusiasm in his career. One thing he wants all students to know punctuation. His favorite part about teaching is relating true stories to our fictional stories and making up some of the true stories. Something he likes to do is take very long walks in the woods. Mr. Harris loves being outdoors. Mr. Harris was asked if has any advice for students, his response was, “Be honest with yourself and embrace that 1/3rd of you that is most important, more important than the other 2/3rds.”  

Many students love and admire Mr. Harris. They think hes a wonderful teacher and everyone has nothing but good things to say about him! As someone who has been in his classes, I think Mr. Harris is a good teacher and supportive. He is always super supportive and is always interested in what you have to say. I appreciate having as a teacher. All students should take time out of their day and appreciate their teachers because they put up with a lot and do a lot for us so we can learn. 


Brendan Nguon: One Wise Turk of the Month 

By Kassandra Guzman 

Brendan Nguon was December’s Turk of the month. Not many are considered for this award; out of over 500 students only 1 exceptional student gets chosen each month and Brendan is just that. You might see him serving up the best nachos at lunch or in the morning holding the door for others. In his free time he is busy learning German and JavaScript. He appreciates the award and values the ability to be who you are without others judging you here at Sultan. One piece of advice that he would give others is, “find a hobby. Go research some stuff…anything to make you not go from lazy to unproductive.” 

















Alec Baldwin Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter. 

By: Gavin Christensen 

Actor Alec Baldwin was involved in a shooting incident on the set of the film "Rust" on October 21st, 2021. According to reports, Baldwin accidentally discharged his firearm while filming a scene, resulting in the death of a crew member. The incident occurred during a scene where Baldwin's character was handling a gun. Baldwin, who was reportedly familiar with firearms, was handling the weapon when it discharged and struck cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza who were nearby. Souza was rushed to a nearby hospital, but Hutchins was tragically killed on the spot. Baldwin was reportedly shaken by the incident and postponed production. The production company for the film released a statement saying that they are cooperating with authorities and conducting an internal investigation into the incident. They have also expressed their support for the late crew member and their family. Baldwin, known for his roles in films such as "The Departed" and "Beetlejuice," on the morning of January 19th, 2023, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. This incident is a reminder of the importance of safety on film sets and the need for proper training and precautions when handling weapons. 


Andrew Tate detained in Romania 

By: Gavin Christensen 

Andrew Tate, a British businessman and social media influencer, was recently detained in Romania on charges of organized crime and human trafficking. According to reports, Tate was arrested at his home in Bucharest on December 29th, 2022, and is currently being held in custody while investigations continue. Tate is well-known in the business world for his successful companies and real estate ventures. He is also a professional kickboxer and has competed in several high-profile matches. The details of the allegations against Tate are currently unclear, but Romanian authorities have stated that they are investigating him for human trafficking and rape, along with money laundering. Money laundering is the process of making illegally gained money appear legal. Tate has denied any wrongdoing and has stated that he is cooperating fully with the authorities. He has also taken to social media to express his innocence and to thank his supporters for their messages of encouragement. This is not the first time that Tate has been in legal trouble. In 2015, he was arrested in the United Kingdom on suspicion of assault, but the charges were later dropped. Tate's arrest has garnered international attention, with many people following the case closely. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be and whether Tate will be found guilty of the charges against him. 


What did Kanye do now? 

By: Gavin Christensen 

Kanye West, the American rapper and fashion designer, recently made a series of controversial statements that have been widely criticized as antisemitic. West has done many interviews lately in which he has shared views and opinions that many people consider radical and hurtful. Some of the most notable statements made by West are that "Jewish people have their hand on every single business that controls the world,” and “Everyone is still controlled by the Jewish media”. These statements are particularly troubling because they promote the harmful and untrue stereotype that Jewish people control the government and media. West also made a number of statements that promoted conspiracy theories, including the claim that "the Jews" are trying to "silence" him and other "free thinkers." These statements are particularly concerning because they promote the idea that Jewish people are working together to control and manipulate the world, a classic antisemitic trope. West's statements have been widely condemned by Jewish organizations, politicians, and members of the public. Many have called for West to retract his statements and apologize for the harm that they have caused. It is important to note that antisemitism is a form of discrimination and prejudice against Jewish people, and it is unacceptable in any form. It is crucial that we call out and condemn antisemitism when we see it, especially when it comes from public figures like Kanye West. 

Source: Ye on “The Alex Jones Show” on 


 Cat Breeds Bonanza! 



  • 4. What type of breed is Bingus? 

  • 5. Long haired, fluffy, and incredibly posh. Most of these cats seem like they're frowning with their squished faces. 

  • 6. Russian cats, these guys are also known as Moscow longhairs! 

  • 8. Domesticated short haired tabby cats, bred to represent a tiger. 

  • 11. One of the largest domesticated cat breeds. Every single one of these fluffy kitties has blue eyes. 

  • 12. Their tails resemble raccoon tails! 

  • 13. One of the oldest kitties around, which breed of cats has distinctive blue eyes and brown-tipped feet? 

  • 14. Developed by breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats, to produce a cat of mostly Burmese type, but with a sleek, panther-like black coat 

  • 15. A cross between Burmese cats and Chinchilla Persian cats. Originates in the United Kingdom. 


  • 1. Thought to be a mix of the Siamese, Russian blue, and 

  • 2. These kitties have ears that fold over and lay close to their heads. 

  • 3. Known for their distinct roman noses, blue eyes, and white feet 

  • 7. Has a short, "bobbed" tail and short fur. 

  • 9. This cat has a sleek, shiny, "blue" gray coat. 

  • 10. This kitty is round all over! From the head to the feet, to the tips of the ears. These cats originate at the Thia-Burma border. 





Pine Creek Nursery Review 

By Shelby Fry 

Pine Creek Nursery is a vast plant nursery nestled in the outskirts of Monroe along Sofie Road. From perennials to shrubs, to beautiful water fixtures and cozy indoor environments, Pine Creek Nursery is sure to captivate avid gardeners, sight seekers, soon to be married couples, and anyone in between. There is something special for every person to experience within the gorgeous landscapes of Pine Creek. Reviews on Yelp, Google, and their own website rave about the location. Sharon A. From Snohomish highlights, “[the] kitchen for the caterer, an indoor building for food, multiple REAL bathrooms, a bridal suite, and super scenic locations for beautiful pictures.” However, the scenery wasn’t the only plus to her visit. “The people were so nice and really went out of their way to make us feel like our wants and needs were the most important thing to them,” Sharon continues. Pine Creek Nursery goes above and beyond in both their presentation and accommodation for every guest that has the treat to enter their property. 

Meaghan F. from Woodinville describes the location as “a hidden gem,” expressing her love for the inviting and lush flora and fauna of the destination, Meaghan harkens it to the perfect place for her “dream wedding.” 

Camille C, with a similar sentiment, says, “our wedding day was an absolute DREAM. I cannot think of one thing I would have changed or done differently.” 

And the two aren’t wrong—anyone who has ventured off highway 2, and onto the gravel driveway of Sofie Road to discover the picturesque garden would concur. It IS a dream to even step foot in Pine Creek’s large, spiraling gates. 

Last October, my mother and I took a trip to down Pine Creek Nursery for my senior pictures. To say I was in awe would be an understatement. The sheer number of locations for photography took my breath away. Nestled in between the large, rustic buildings was a cozy autumnal setup of pumpkins of all shapes and varieties, fall décor that would bring shame to seasonal sections of department stores, and foliage filled with oranges, reds, and yellows as far as the eye could see. Acres of gardens stretched the property, which sits along a beautiful manmade lake --featuring a sparkling fountain! The staff were incredibly accommodating, allowing us to visit after hours to take stunning sunset pictures. Whitney S., a photographer describes the grounds, simply saying, “this place is magical. The venue owners work so hard and put their hearts and souls into this place and it shows.” There’s no shortage of love that goes into everything that Pine Creek Nursery has to offer, and I cannot stress enough stopping by, if for anything, just to frolic in the flower fields. 


My experience at PLU Honor Band 

By Shelby Frye 

Two weeks ago, Cecilia young, Cameron Campion, Quinton Litch, and I stepped foot in Lagerquist Concert Hall in Tacoma to play in front of an expert in each of our individual instruments. In Cecilia, Quinton, and I’s case, we played for a student with a master's degree in Music education—specializing in all things saxophone. For Cameron, he was sent downstairs to audition in front of PLU’s very on brass instructor. “I was really, REALLY nervous,” Cameron tells me. “But I didn’t do too bad, I think.” For auditions, each of us prepared a sheet of music to play, and depending on how well we auditioned, we’d be placed in a chair. The first chair is considered “the best,” but when playing higher level music, like we were at PLU, every part matters. Two bands were created full of students from around the pacific northwest, a concert band and a symphony band. Two separate groups, two different conductors, and two different sets of music. Quinton landed himself in the symphonic band, but Cecilia, Cameron, and I took our seats in the concert band, immediately and relentlessly practicing around 5 pieces, all higher level and more challenging than we typically play.  

When probed, Cecilia told me, “I thought it was a unique and special experience, it was so fun, and I wish I could go back.” And it's true—the opportunity to travel and surround ourselves with musicians who cared about music just as much as we did, if not more, was such a community-building experience. We were all united by one love. 
Cameron enthusiastically told me, “PLU was awesome sauce. I enjoyed the challenge of playing higher level music, and I loved the campus.” In our humble concert band, we typically tackle music that each grade level can handle. That means the most inexperienced first-year students could pick up some of our music. At PLU, there was nothing easy about the music they gave us. And they certainly didn’t go easy in terms of rehearsal. We were all pushed further than we’ve ever gone before. 
Our parents were invited to our concert at the end of the two days. “Such a wonderful experience for you and your friends," my mom said, “I’m so happy you were able to go.” I’m still in awe that we were able to pull together such a lovely concert in the time we were given. We were surrounded by true musicians. 

Sumpter, prone to the theatrics, I recall telling us in the car ride home on the first day, "you kids, whether you know it or not, have a gift.” Exhausted, sore, and eyes so tired they began to blur, I wouldn’t change any part of my experience. Everything I’ve worked towards in my high school career seemed to culminate in two completely draining days. When we walked into that concert hall for the first time, big golden organ sat center stage, I realized how much of a gift music has been to me. Playing sax for a little over 10 years was no longer something to be ashamed of, it was never a weakness, but rather, a strength. My passion took me to greater lengths than I ever believed possible, and I’m so happy I was able to have my friends by my side the entire time. 


Lives of working students  
By Brianna Benavidez-Lopez  
Have you thought about getting a job while you're a full-time student? Would it be too much  
pressure? Would you have time for homework? Will your job affect your grades? To answer these questions, I had a small talk with Jamie Gall, a senior at SHS who works as a dish washer at her local diner. When I asked her about if her job affected her grades, she responded with, “definitely, yeah, it's been a little worse than before... I'm trying to tackle two things at once and school is just not it for me sometimes”. I then asked her if she recommends students to get jobs, and replied with, “Yeah, I do. I feel like it's good because it teaches you good skills to know when you graduate, it's good to have money sometimes” Having a job also seems to improve daily skills. “It taught me how to clean better, learned some tricks by watching the cooks” and most importantly, improves communication skills because of having to talk with customers most of the time. I wondered why Jamie would decide to get a job while being a full-time student, so I asked her. “I was tired of asking my dad for money all the time, so I just wanted to have some money and be able to go and have fun with my friends and buy the things that I want” Hmm, sounds like being employed can really help you with skills you'll need in the real  
world, it teaches you how to balance priorities and important life skills! Maybe this is your sign to find a job yourself! 

An Artist’s Process 

By Maritza Naranjo-Preciado 

October 5tSh, 2022 

December 26th, 2022 

January 18th, 2023 


New Teachers at SHS 

By Jean Chavez 

This Year at SHS we got to welcome in 5 new teachers onto our campus, Mr. DeVries, Mr. Maechler, Ms. Corson, Ms. Brady, and Mr. Skeith. To get students to know a little more about our new staff members they were interviewed and asked the same 5 questions, how long have you been teaching for and or where else have you taught, what are you teaching, How do we compare to your previous schools, What is some advice for students in or students that will be in your class, and is there anything you wish students to know about you. 

Mr. Devries is now in his second year of teaching, and he previously taught at mercer island school district, and taught sophomore honors English and AP Lit for seniors. Before teaching he also had a career in advertising for Pandora. He is teaching 9/10 honors English and the sophomore English class. Compared to his previous school here he feels that his previous school had a more literature focused English curriculum but here at SHS it can be more individual and personal. His advice for his class is to be open about their passions so that he can help incorporate that into their work. He wants to let students know that literature is much more fun when there is dialogue not just his lecturing.  

Mr. Maechler has been teaching for 7 years and last taught at Skyline High School in Sammamish. He taught U.S history, Civics, and World History. Now at SHS he is teaching Sociology and World History. His advice is for students to ask questions and keep an open mind when they come in. Mr. Maechler prefers the environment of SHS to Sammamish because he is from this area so to him this school district feels more like a home than the other. Mr. Maechlar loves the content of what he teaches, so he wishes students to expect a good amount of lecturing and that he is happy to be in this area and relates a lot with the students.  

Ms. Corson is starting her teaching career at SHS and has never taught before, but she is experienced in teaching as she is and has been a basketball and tennis coach. She treats her class as if you are working in a kitchen, which means listening to directions and following kitchen protocol and promises that in doing that you will find a lot of joy with the class. She wished to share that she used to work for a farmers market called Mo’s Doughs at the pike place market.  

Ms. Brady has taught for 21 years and is entering her 22nd year here at SHS. Before she taught in Texas and Oklahoma and last year taught in Kent. She has taught chemistry, physical science, anatomy, physiology, earth science, earth and space systems, geology, meteorology, and biology. She has noticed that at our school it is a lot closer environment not just between staff members but also students as opposed to previous schools. Her advice is to remain curious even though science is based on facts, and to also have a good work ethic to meet standards and be willing to work with others. Ms. Brady would like students to feel willing to share their thoughts with her throughout class.  

Mr. Skeith has been teaching for 9 years, 6 years as a sub and 3 years as a teacher in the sultan school district. His favorite thing with our school district is how people take care of each other. He advises students to do their work and if they put in effort and are kind, the class will go well. In his eyes what matters for class is that the student is succeeding so however they learn best he will try to give them that opportunity to learn that way. He wants students to know that he cares about his students and that his words mean something.  


Need Advice?  

Ivan Acosta 
Q: How do I stay motivated enough to be able to do my work in class? 

A: If you are feeling unmotivated, make sure to be around people or an  
environment that isn’t distracting to you. Take away or cut time from things like video games or binge watching a show. Find calm places, play some chill music, and set your mind to only do your work. Take small breaks every now and then too if you feel like you need it. 

Career/College Fair Day 

By Jean Chavez 

On Friday, December 16, Sultan High School had its 2nd Student Career and College Fair Day before sending off its students on winter break. Although it was a half-day, students still got to visit 6 different shows. We had people from Lake Washington tech, Everett Community College, Central Washington University, Edmonds College, ORCA Program, Bellevue College, Pacific Northwest College, Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University, and Grand Canyon University for the colleges. For the career pathways we had Boeing Engineer, Job Corps, Public Defender Association, Recreation and Tourism, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office/ Marysville PD, Civil Engineer, FBI, Johansen Mechanical Room. Students still reported to first period to get told a layout of the day and got given a map of what showings would be in which rooms so they could go to what interested them. The career presenters would start off by informing us of what their career is about, as well as telling us a little about their experiences and how we could get into the career and then open the room for questions. The College presenters acted much the same as their presentations in the library earlier in the year, so if you missed those you could go sit in on these presentations. They would tell us the majors the college is known for as well as some requirements and details about what the college experience has been like for them. The Bellevue College presenter for example also suggests alternatives like enrolling in Edmonds community college then switching to Bellevue college. Afterwards students were welcome to ask whatever questions they had as well. The Career/College fair day this year was just as informative as the one from 2019 and is a valuable resource for students who still would like to figure out more about what they wish to do past high school. 


Turk of the Month: Paetyn Schlicker 

By: Gavin Christensen 

Sultan High School is home to many great students. In order to recognize some of these students, ASB has created the award of ‘Turk of the Month’. This award is given to students who best represent the traits that we value here at Sultan High School. For the month of November, the student voted ‘Turk of the Month’ is Paetyn Schlicker. Paetyn is an active participant in the student body. She is always showing her Turk pride by making posters, participating in spirit weeks and helping to plan dances. She is the president of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), the varsity captain of the softball team, on the JV volleyball team, and a member of National Honors Society. Paetyn was very happy to win this award, saying, “I’m grateful to win the award, it’s nice to be acknowledged”. Paetyn is a good role model for all the students at Sultan High School, and we should all strive to be more like her. 


Western Countries finally answer Ukraine’s call for advanced tanks/equipment 

By Jose Pacheco-Cabrera 


As the war continues to grow, so does the demand for advanced armaments and armored vehicles from western countries. Specifically, tanks, the German Leopard 2 main battle tank and the American M1 Abrams to be specific. Both Ukraine and Russia are growing more and more desperate as time passes, and Ukraine has requested armored vehicles and tanks to hopefully make a push to finally drive Russia out of Ukraine. 

But why specifically the Leopard 2? Well, the Leopard 2 is a German-made main battle tank equipped with a 120mm smooth bore gun as its main gun, it is also armed with two coaxial light machine guns (Coaxial weapons are usually aimed by use of the main gun control. It is usually used to engage infantry or other "soft" targets where use of shots from the main gun would be dangerous, ineffective, or wasteful). But Germany had long refused at first, they also didn’t want any other European countries to send their own Leopard 2 tanks, this is because of their legacy of starting WWII. 

 Announcing that Germany plans to send a company of 14 Leopard 2 tanks with more to come later, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Wednesday morning that “ this decision follow our well-known line of supporting Ukraine to the best of our ability”, Germany has at last offered to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, and a big batch of US Abrams are going that way too ( 


Why the Abrams also? The M1 Abrams is the American main battle tank, there are multiple variants of the tank so some have 105mm cannon and some have a 120mm cannon. The Abrams is one of the heaviest tanks in service today but also one of the fastest, it runs on jet fuel and other sources.  

The U.S also refused for a while, saying that they were too complicated and too hard too maintain and repair, at least for Ukraine.  “The Abrams tank is a very complicated piece of equipment. It’s expensive, it’s hard to train on. ... It is not the easiest system to maintain. It may or may not be the right system,” The under secretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, told reporters last week at the Pentagon EXPLAINER: Why the US flipped on sending tanks to Ukraine (


The dramatic reversal was the culmination of intense international pressure and diplomatic arm-twisting that played out over the last week. And it resulted in in a quick succession of announcements: The U.S. said it will send 31 of the 70-ton Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine, and Germany announced it will send 14 Leopard 2 tanks and allow other countries to do the same. “with spring approaching, Ukrainian forces are working to defend the territory they hold and preparing for additional counteroffensives to liberate their land”, President Joe Biden said Germany has at last offered to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, and a big batch of US Abrams are going that way too (  


Its safe to say that Ukraine is going to receive some serious firepower within the next few months when the leopards and Abrams arrive, one thing is for certain though, a few tanks wont completely turn the tide of the war, though they can probably help a lot. 


The History of Valentine's Day <3 

By Maritza Naranjo-Preciado 

February, the iconic "Month of Love," a time when everyone exchanges presents and flowers. A cherished holiday that dates way back to the 3rd century and celebrated all around the United States and parts of the world on February 14th, Valentine's Day. As well as a nostalgic time of year when elementary students decorate their paper baggies and one by one give each other pieces of candy. But where did these traditions come from? And who is this St Valentine we celebrate? 

Unlike most traditions or historical events, that have a distinct timeline or plot. Valentins's day's beginnings are still somewhat a mystery, with various theories that have been put out but do not completely check out. 

It’s important to note the traces of ancient Roman and Christian customs St Valentines carries. With that being said, the Catholic Chruch recognizes at least three different saints named “Valentine or Valentinus all of whom were martyred” ( 

According to the history channels website “One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.”  

Other accounts claim a different theory in which, “Valentine may have been executed for attempting to aid Christians in escaping brutal roman jails” ( And interesting enough “an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl—possibly his jailor’s daughter—who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and—most importantly—romantic figure.” ( 

Many believe Valentine's Day is celebrated in the middle of February to celebrate the anniversary of Valentine's death/ burial. However, the history channel website has other claims that state “the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia.” Although Lupercalia survive the initial uprise of Christianity, “it was outlawed, as it was deemed ‘un- Christian' at the end of the 5th century, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day” 

Because of the past we can celebrate many things including Valentine's Day and spend it with the people we love most. 



Upcoming Musical! 

By Cameron Campion 

In 2019, Sultan High School did a musical called, “The Music Man”. Since Covid-19, we have not done an actual musical. Well, I have news for all of us. We are doing a musical this year! We are doing Beauty and the Beast. Tickets are on sale now for only $15 at the office or at the front door on show nights. And if you’re asking me, that is a great deal! Showings start on February 23rd and 24th at 7p.m., and the 25th at 2p.m. and 7p.m. in the Sultan High School Commons. For the musical, I interviewed a cast member, Casey Sifferman. He has not been in a musical since Covid, so I asked him how it felt to be in it since? He said it was awesome, incredible and made him super happy. I also asked him how it felt performing on stage. He said, “Something about performing makes me super happy. It makes me smile.” I went on to ask him if there were any challenges facing him. He said, “There's been a lot of stress with a short time frame.” Then I asked him if it was easier for him to perform now than it was to back then. He told me that it is easier because he is more comfortable on stage, and he knows Beauty and the Beast. I then asked him how rehearsals were going since the musical starts in just a few weeks. He said that he has a lot of fun with other cast members, and that it is going very well. And then I asked him, looking back, is there anything that you miss? He said he really misses Cameron Sifferman. Then I asked him if there's anything you didn't miss? He told me that he doesn’t miss faking a lisp, and the tight green pants he wore. I then asked Casey, Is it hard singing? He said that it really isn’t hard singing. Then I asked him if it was hard to memorize the songs? He said he had a prosses to it, He sings along with the official music videos. Finally, I asked him if it was hard to play the character. He told me that it is the opposite to him. The only easy part is being so beautiful and perfect. All in all, the musical is going very well, and they are very excited to have a musical this year. 



By Cai Neigel 

In the past weeks, Brazil has massively scaled up security as extreme supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro raided the capitol. Arrests are already being made. Ana Priscila Azevedo, a major proponent of Bolsonaro, is accused of using the messaging app ‘Telegram’ to incite many thousands to raid the capitol. At the same time government arrests are becoming commonplace for many former heads of Bolsonaro's government. This includes the former commander of Brazil's military and an attempt to arrest the cities former public security chief who flew out of the country following Bolsonaro. Great sadness is shed at the destruction of Brazil's artifacts. To bring up Bolsonaro again. Since he lost the election, he has escaped from the law to Florida. A very controversial stay with many supporters and an equal number of detractors. As this situation calms, we are left looking to the ashes. This time democracy has once again stood the test of time. 


Security tightened in Brazil amid fears of new attacks by Bolsonaro supporters | Brazil | The Guardian 

Brazilian Authorities Clear Government Offices of Rioters, Official Says - The New York Times ( 


New fence around the school?! 

By: Ivan Acosta 


The new fence around the school has had students wondering why it was built. At first it was odd to see a tall fence around the school but knowing the reasons, it makes you understand why they did it. The fence was built to keep the school more secure in case of a suspicious person wandering around or trying to enter. The school is trying to make sure that we can always be safe and feel safe no matter the situation, no one should feel unsafe at all or ever worry about anything happening. In the long run, the fence will be a great addition to the school. 


Marina’s Album: Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land 

By Shelby Frye 

Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is Marina’s fifth studio album. The album is made up of 10 songs, ranging from electronic pop dance numbers to heart wrenching piano ballads. Each song tackles a different theme, from feminism and heartbreak to global warming and race. Entertainment Weekly called "Purge the Poison" a "callback" to Marina’s 2010 album, The Family Jewels. Levine summarized the message in "Venus Fly Trap" as a "tongue-in-cheek self-empowerment banger" that plays beautifully off her second studio album, Electra Heart. 

Critics also had a favorable view of the artist’s album. The Arts Desk’s Thomas H. Green considered Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land to be Marina's best album, partly because of her newfound "mouth[iness]". He called it an "outrageously enjoyable album.” 

Marina has always been an artist unabashedly afraid of speaking her mind. Her, perhaps controversial, spin on music has always geared towards discussing topics of politics, gender, and religion. These themes are present even in her first Studio album, The Family Jewels. In Marina’s song “Girls,” the artist expresses her distain at the socially expected norms of a woman: “not meant to fight dirty” and to “never look a day past 30.” Marina herself described the album as “the seduction of commercialism, modern social values, family, and female sexuality.” Even at age 18, Marina was dead set on delivering her message. Albeit, in a more punchy, sarcastic way than her current discography. 

The album, to me, seemed to veer off into two separate directions, high energy and experimental, to soft and string-forward lyrical beats. Red Dziri from The Line of Best Fitt felt “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land consisted of two mini albums,” with the first half being "socio-politically charged" and the second "more tender intimate narrative[s].” I could not agree more with the sentiment—Marina created a feminist album, no doubt. But it is a feminist album that handles the topic with both the gentle grace and love it deserves, and the rage and divine feminine power it demands.  


Lunch Lady Appreciation!! 

By: Ivan Acosta 

Let’s take this moment to appreciate the wonderful ladies who are always ready to assist us when we get lunch! Everyone always gets excited for when lunch time comes rolling around and they never let us down. Make sure to always thank Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Sherrill, and Mrs. Steele for all the work and they do and always being so positive to all the students. We have so much kind things to say to them, but they also have so much nice things to say to us, “I love getting to watch all the kids grow into young adults. I love working here and getting to know the students,” said Mrs. Sherill. Next time you see them, be sure to thank them! 


New Speaker of The House 

By: Oakley Haney 

On January 7th of 2023, a new speaker of the House was elected. A new Speaker is elected every two years by the U.S. House of Representatives, and leader of the House Republican Conference, Kevin McCarthy, won majority votes to win. With this news, I decided to research what exactly the Speaker of the House does. 

Did you know that the Speaker of the House is the only leadership position mentioned in the constitution? Pretty cool considering the U.S. government is full of leadership positions. Well, the Speaker of the House has a few roles. First, according to, the Speaker is responsible for administering the famous oath of office. Although it is only for a select number of people in the House. The Speaker is also responsible for giving permissions for certain things in the House, as well as appointing members to committees, sending bills to committees, and signing bills that pass in the House and all bills. The Speaker of the House is also 2nd in line, after the Vice President, to become president should the President and V.P. not be able to do so. 

Along with a new Speaker of the House, new rules for the House were also made. These rules are mainly used to make it easier for members of the House to remove the speaker, or “vacate the chair” as states. 

Sources used:  


An Ogre and a Princess fell in love?!?! 

By: V Sherman 

Shrek is a creative but funny and romantic film with lovable characters and an enjoyable plot. 

Shrek is an ogre who enjoys his solitude and privacy but with the help of a noisy charismatic talking donkey, he meets the true love of his life. Princess Fiona Locked away in her tower awaiting prince charming only to get and ogre, at first she seems revolted but after her shocking secret is revealed she falls in love, cute right? “Ogres are like onions, Onions have layers.” Shrek takes a new light on things that are portrayed as bad while using a big scary ogre as the main protagonist; giving us the view of how ogres feel in their place in the world. Anyone can feel like an ogre.  

Overall, the movie was a great new take on stereotypes but that’s not all it was! Shrek had some great comedy moments, with jokes that would fly over a kid's head “Thats a big castle, bet he’s compensating for something" or "What a load of —." with a toilet flush for censorship, and "Please keep off the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your ... face." With an obvious understanding of what they meant.  

The movie Shrek is funny, yet vulgar jokes and surprisingly good story line keeps everyone coming back for more. 

What led up to the “Palestine/Israel” Conflict we have Today? 

By Kegan Thomas Aamold 

Somewhere in the Middle East, on the most beautiful Mediterranean Sea. A longtime issue that has been one of the world's most enduring conflicts. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates a little after WW2, the United Nations adopted Resolution 181, known as the Partition Plan, which sought to divide the British Mandate of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. After WW2, the Jews needed a safe place cause of the suffering they dealt with in Europe. On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was created. With the announcement of an independent Israel, five Arab nations, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon immediately invaded the region in what became known as the “1948 Arab-Israeli War”. The war ended in 1949 with Israel’s victory, but 750,000 Palestinians were displaced, and the territory was divided into 3 parts, one containing Israel, West Bank (Palestine), and Gaza Strip (Palestine). Over the following years, tensions rose so high in this region, particularly between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. 1956 Suez Crisis and Israel’s invasion of the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt, Jordan, and Syria signed mutual defense pacts in anticipation of a possible mobilization of Israeli troops. In June 1967, Israel preemptively attacked Egyptian and Syrian air forces, starting the “Six-Day War”. After the war, Israel gained territorial control over the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. Six years later, in what is referred to as the “Yom Kippur War” or the “October War”, Egypt and Syria launched a surprise two-front attack on Israel to regain their lost territory; the conflict did not result in significant gains for them. But Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat declared the war a victory for Egypt as it allowed Egypt and Syria to negotiate over previously ceded territory. Finally, in 1979, a peace treaty ended the thirty-year conflict between Egypt and Israel. In 1987, many Palestinians that were living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip revolted against the Israeli government in what is known as the “first intifada.” The 1993 “Oslo I Accords” mediated the conflict, setting up a framework for the Palestinians to govern themselves in the West Bank and Gaza, and enabled mutual recognition between the newly established Palestinian Authority and Israel’s government. In 1995, the Oslo II Accords expanded on the first agreement, adding provisions that mandated the complete withdrawal of Israel from 6 cities and 450 towns in the West Bank. In September 2000, the Second Palestinian Intifada began. One of the triggers for the violence was when Ariel Sharon, a politician who would later become Israel’s prime minister, visited the Muslim holy site at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Many Palestinians felt this was an offensive move, and they protested. Riots, suicide bombings, and other attacks subsequently broke out, putting an end to the once-promising peace process. This period of violence between Palestinians and Israelis lasted nearly five years. Yasser Arafat died in November 2004, and by August 2005, the Israeli then army withdrew from Gaza. Tensions erupted in 2018 when the U.S. Embassy relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Perceiving this as a signal of American support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinians responded with protests at the Gaza-Israel border, which were met with Israeli force resulting in the deaths of dozens of protesters. The current state of Palestine is not very strong, Israel is pushing through the territories and kicking out Palestinian homes and making new ones for the Israelis. Many Palestinian have lost their families, friends, and homes all due to this conflict. 

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