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Sultan Turks? I Think It's Time For a Change. The Mascot Manifesto

Jacob Gardner and Kegan Aamold

Jan 12, 2024

Our mascot name “Turks” sucks. Our mascot does not represent this area, it doesn’t represent who we are, and we could do way better. For those who are not aware of what a Turk is, it’s a warrior who protected the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who was a king in the Empire. The fact we were named Turks because of our mispronounced town name is absurd. It says on our very own town’s website that the “local Native American Chief Tseul-ted, but settlers mispronounced the name as “Sultan.” I propose that our mascot should be changed to something with greater meaning to this pretty little town, something that doesn’t have a chance of being offensive to any ethnic group, and something that captivates creativity at its finest point. The majority of the people that I have exchanged my ideas with agree that our mascot needs to be changed. Some of the majority are from other schools, on how our mascot is just confusing and irrelevant to the history of our town. I believe that we have lots of options for a new name. Lumberjacks, Timber Monsters, Timberjacks, and Loggers. – Going back to the rich roots of our town where it started as a logging community. Sasquatch – This area is popular for one of the biggest mysteries in the world, and that is if “Bigfoot” exists. This place has grown a popular interest for Bigfoot hunters with sightings being all along the Cascade Mountain range. Also, a famous film in the 1980s was filmed around this area called Harry and the Hendersons, as it’s a movie about running into

Bigfoot and keeping him safe from the people wanting to hurt him or capture him. Mountaineers. Trailblazers, and Pioneers – With our mountains surrounding the valley it’s only appropriate to have a name that’s related to people conquering high peaks or making trails. This change doesn't have to happen immediately, we can grow into the name as we fundraise and save money for the coming years. Choose wisely.

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