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Book Review: Dance of Thieves

Shawna Shoemaker

Jan 16, 2024

The author Mary E. Pearson authored the book Dance of Thieves. This book is the first of a duology (the second book: Vow of Thieves) and is a fiction, romance, YA fantasy book.

The story follows Kazi, a pickpocket that grew up on the streets who was recruited to the queens’ elite royal guard, she finds herself chained to Jase, who is the new king of an enemy kingdom that has not yet bee

and people to serve. But when unexpected events happen, they are forced into a fake engagement and things get complicated.

The book is written with a dual point of view, so you get to see both point of views of the main characters. However, I recommend reading The Remnant Chronicles first, because Dances of Thieves are a spinoff of that series so you will get a better understanding of the world building and the back story of the characters if you read it first. Overall, it was beautifully written and the story itself was amazing and the characters were also amazing. The plot was well thought out and what I heard about the book met the expectations I had for it. And loved how the characters were always one step ahead of where the other one thought that they were. And that they confront each other’s identities and morals constantly. Some scenes can get repetitive or not as interesting and slow to get through, but the plot of the book moves fast so it should not bother you. I gave the book a four out of five stars. And I recommend the book for anyone who is into this kind of genre.

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