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Aguascalientes, Mexico

Kegan Aamold

Apr 15, 2024

Deep in the heart of Mexico, around the central part of the country, sits a lovely city 

called Aguascalientes. The city is filled with Spanish colonial buildings and beautiful 

and colorful culture combined with the local scenery and the Mexican culture. It is the 

capital of the Mexican state of the same name and the most populous city of that same 

state. Around 900,000 people live in this majestic city and about another 300,000 live 

inside the state. 

Many corporations are also in this city with many factories such as Nissan and Texas 

Instruments. The Aguascalientes plants are responsible for the majority of Mexico's 

overall annual production of 850,000 Nissan automobiles. A good fraction of the 

population works in these factories to produce cars and accessories. 

The city is growing in terms of transportation as it has been adding bike lanes and more 

bikes to the city streets to cut down on carbon emissions and has many parts within the 

city. With an airport that serves the city flights to the United States and with above- 

average public transportation. 

This city has been smashed with classical buildings from the colonial days to modern 

technology that innovates cities to make them more adaptable, Aguascalientes, Mexico 

is making a name for itself becoming one of Mexico’s more advanced cities. 

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